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Smashwords book reviews by Sassy

  • Dirty Lady Katherine on April 17, 2011

    A review for The Romance Reviews ( A gripping erotic tale that details one young woman's act of rebellion which turns into sexual exploration of the most decadent kind... DIRTY LADY KATHERINE is the sensual and sexual journey of Katherine, who is the daughter of a Lord. She starts a website that documents her sexual adventures with her friend Tom. Her escapades included staff, celebrities, and other aristocracy. Starting out as fun, she thinks that she's finding happiness, but she doesn't realize that happiness may have been in front of her all along. Whew! I feel like I need to wipe my brow after reading this. The delicious debauchery that we are treated to in this book is just off the charts! Lady Katherine is quite the piece of work. She's rich, bored, and horny. That can definitely be a dangerous combination. I love how nasty she is. She has sex with women, men, and even herself, all in the name of adventure. Written from Lady Katherine's point of view, we are treated to all of her inner thoughts, which are at times very comical and always entertaining. But we get the sense that something is missing, and that's why she's doing this. I loved how flawed Katherine was, it made the reading that much more interesting. My only complaint is that I wish I could have seen Katherine grow more. The story seemed to end with a bit more story to tell. There were also other characters that I came to look forward to seeing while reading: the butler, Paul, Katherine's friend Tom, and Sally, who gives new meaning to the names "hand maiden" and "lady-in-waiting". They all added to the uniqueness which is the world that Lady Katherine lived in. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the sexual decadence in this book. There was f/f, f/f/m, m/f/m sex and a lot of self-love as well. I can without hesitation say that Alexis Shore can truly write a smoking hot sex scene. All in all, it was an arousing good time! With a deliciously decadent heroine, as well as great secondary characters, and an amazing amount of eroticism, DIRTY LADY KATHERINE was definitely a hit!
  • Sex With A Lingering Kiss on April 17, 2011

    A review for The Romance Reviews ( SEX WITH A LINGERING KISS is an up close look into a couple's erotic fantasy and reality world, and was sizzling from start to finish. This erotic short is done in an amazingly unique way. The author writes blurbs to the reader, setting up erotic letters that a husband is writing to his wife. The author moves into a new house and finds these letters that detail a couple's erotic jaunts. It starts with, as you may have guessed, with a kiss. Then the letters get more erotically intense as the story progresses and it's like you are watching these scenarios unfold. The letters are written from the male point of view and are very sensual and steamy as well as romantic. Reading this book was like fulfilling all your voyeuristic and hedonistic fantasies in the comfort of your living room! I really enjoyed it because it was a very unique story. The way that the author wrote the letters was so realistic, I could really picture everything so vividly in my mind. This was a very short read (only about 40 pages), but it was filled to the brim with eroticism. The letters consisted of fantasies and memories, and had mostly M/F intercourse, but there was also an F/F scene in there that was really hot as well. It ended on a romantic note that made me wish my hubby was a little more into love letters. SEX WITH A LINGERING KISS is an immensely erotic short that is sure to titillate your sensual side that featured a unique premise and steamy love scenes from an author who knows how to turn on the hot!
  • Magnum Tales ~ A is for Anal on June 11, 2011

    I'm not sure why I liked this so much, but I did. I think it's the relationship between Abby and Bryan. I like how they are with each other. The party scene was a nice warm up for the hotness at home. I look forward to reading more of them. Very, very short, but I think each book will be one scene in their lives. On to B!
  • Magnum Tales ~ B is for Blowjob on June 11, 2011

    I don't think this one was as hot as the first one but it was the content itself that I liked. Learning a bit more about Abby and Brian as well as the sneaky way she wanted to get her boyfriend off. LOL