Smashwords book reviews by Gayle

  • Submissive Fairy Tales on June 17, 2012

    Enjoyed it
  • Prince in the Mist on Aug. 06, 2012

    Well, we had a quick glimpse into our Fae Prince of Dagda (Breslyn)and his antics in 'Prince-Prelude', but we get to know him much better in this short story "Prince in the Mist" and what a naughty boy he is. This story is part of the Legend series by Claudy Conn, which delves more into his life and the love of his first human,Chartelle. I absolutely loved this short story of our very hot, handsome, naughty and mischievous Prince. Although it was a short story it was not rushed and was so well written it felt to me I was like reading a full book. The love scenes between our hero and heroine are smoking hot and the story will bring tears to your eyes as the love story progresses between Breslyn and Chartelle. I cannot wait to delve into the next issue is this amazing series. Thank you once again, Claudy for another awesome story.
  • Taffeta & Hotspur on Aug. 06, 2012

    Another winner in another amazing Historical Regency Romance by Claudy Conn and no-one can write them like Claudy can. You can tell by reading her books that she puts a lot of research into them, with facts and ways of that era. This is a wonderful love story between a very devilish and high-spirited young lady, Taffeta, and a handsome rakehell and flirt, "Hotspur" (Thurston Tarrant). This is not an erotic novel, but a wonderfully written love story. You will laugh at Taffy's naughty antics as she continues on with her devilish ways never wanting to follow the advice of others. You will fall in love with the debonair and gorgeous Hotspur. Thank you Claudy, for another amazing read.