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Smashwords book reviews by Savage 23X

  • His Robot Girlfriend on Feb. 13, 2011

    His Robot Girlfriend by Wesley Allison is a great read. This was my first ebook I read on my new KOBO. I love em' both what is happening in sci-fi is the real world has caught up. I am reading about a robot girlfriend, a self published title I got for free, from a huge book store reading it on a light tiny computer. This is nerd X 1000000. My first sci-fi books I bought as a kid was from tiny used book store with a cat and grumpy pipe smoking old guy who ran it. That what I most love about this “book” it is mostly now. It is such a sweet tale and not just for the super nerd (me). It is one the the most believable robot stories I have read. That's because if you are reading this you are in love or at least dependent upon a lot of computers of all shapes and sizes. What will happen to us when the computers get real smart? I mean even if they never get “god” smart we already like them, need them more than say that dumb guy at the office party. What happens when the machines are just better than they are right now “She didn't feel cold or plastic. She felt squishy in all the right spots – firm in the right spots too.” I await His Robot Wife coming soon.
  • Zombies! Episode 1: Shawn of the Dead on Feb. 13, 2011

    Zombies episode 1 Shawn of the Dead. This a a great little read. The characters are smart! And in zombie fiction that means a whole lot. It manny too many books the whole world is full of dumb people even the ones who make it or almost make it. I love Shawn the title character because he use his head (bad zombie pun). This feels more like what would “really” happen.
  • Coercive Devices on Dec. 22, 2011
    (no rating)
    Hello I just wanted to thank you for your work on Coercive Devices. What I love most of all is the characters really smart, real strong, and brave to take what they want. I have found much of lit to be all about the guys even in stories written by women ( not that there anything wrong with that) but this makes me appreciate your style more. I like how in your WWAC tales I could “hear” what the women were thinking and feeling, how they used their wits to hold off trouble, or get others in trouble deeper. You give such a different view of submission (different to me anyway) that it is a place of power getting what you want or need. I also like the “real world” feel with explicit informed consent and safety ( out side of krazy surgery and buried alive ha ha). I hope you know that your work is of value THANK YOU.