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I'm the alter ego of a dangerous and creative mind.
Like Red Phoenix said "I desire someone who will challenge my hidden desires, especially those I don’t even know exist yet.”

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Latest book: Truth in Legends. Published January 2, 2014.

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  • Torn from You (Tear Asunder Book 1) on Jan. 16, 2014

    Jeez this book is dark period. Tears Of Tess meets Breaking the Reins simple like that. The love story of Eme & Sculpt is not easy at all. Much crappy things run into them, but both of them are fighters you know? The kind of people you would want to be: independents, survivors, stubborn, persistent and more. Although I wanted to kick Em’s butt a couples of times, I understood her reasons. The first book was my favorite; it's short but the sensual tension, mystery, sexy scenes and Sculpt’s possessives vibes made impossible put the book down until I finish it. The ending? Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe it. My hearts beat so fast and many thoughts run across my mind like crazy. The author has the amazing ability to drag me completely in her story. I pictured every frame of this book, every scenario, character, scenes and everything…it was amazing. The main characters’ definition was flawless. She wrote Emily and Sculpt so well makes impossible don’t understand their reasons and actions. The connection is there and you only want to be there for them. Either you’ll want to rescue Eme or Sculpt. Every sexy moment between Em and Logan were awesome, hardcore BDSM printed every bit of them. Sculpt is a truly Dom and he found in Emily his perfect submissive. The only con I found was the unbalance with the plot. The story climax comes too quickly so the rest of the book takes so long… Sometimes I thought it was unfinishable. I would have preferred the author would have written more about the fifteen first days than the two years later. There were a few chapters I delete and you might not notice.
  • With You (Tear Asunder .5) on Jan. 16, 2014

    Emily is a Young woman with a hard past, her dad died a few years ago and her mom is a totally bitch who hurts her with her words. Em used to escape home and went to Mat & Kat’s home for days. She works at a coffee store as waits start the college, but her dream is buy a farm for raise horses, for heal broken horses. Sculp is the archetypical bad boy of Toronto. He’s a street fighter, biker, rocker, tattooed guy and womanizer. He’s sexy (and dangerous) like hell. He meets Emily in a clandestine fight, she wants he teaches self-defense. They start a strange relationship, first he teaches her how to fight but quickly they fall hard each other. What will happen when Sculpt’s past crash into them? Could they being together in spite of all bad things happen? If you are looking for a sexy and dark romance you’ll love this. Full review posted in Torn from You