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Lover, dreamer and thinker. Mother first, dreamer second, writing after I dream. My life dictates how I write. I wrote my first award winning short story in 8th grade-sci-fi of all things. Now that I'm in my late thirties, I feel blessed to have had many life experiences I can draw upon when I write. You never know what I will write about.

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  • Orphans, Wolves & Loving It! on Jan. 29, 2013

    Just finished reading, tried reaching out to the author only to find no way of doing so. I feel bad to comment here, but my hopes are she finds the message and connects with me. I'd love to assist her. My first read in this genre, and 199 pages later I am left at a loss for words. It was rushed, awkward, strange conversations and random thoughts throughout the book. The book was flawed with editing nightmares-except instead of accept. Fancy words were used that were out of context in relation to the meaning of them. Run-on sentences and weird placement of punctuation only added to my frustration. Exclamation marks, question marks and quotations run rampant like a wild fire. The story line is plausible, but I just couldn't feel any connection with either Lauren, Max & Alex or Tyler. Again, I truly believe it was just too rushed, maybe because it was initially released into Chapters? As a complete novel, it does not flow like it should, and for this I feel bad. So sorry really-I wanted it so badly for you. Keep living your dream and writing; continue your growth!