My name is Wendy and I have been blogging at She Hearts Books (http://sheheartsbooks7.blogspot.com/) since January 2014 which is devoted completely to reviewing and promoting books. I have submitted over 100 reviews on books in the first six months. I just love books. My mom took me to the library when I was just a tiny and opened my world wide within the pages of books. From that first day that I used my library card until now, I have read many, many books. I love the people and their stories that I am able to experience within the words on a page. I love the brilliance of the minds of the authors that put these words on a page for all to consume.

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  • Vanished on July 30, 2012

    From the very first moment you start reading this book you are thrust into a nightmare - one where intruders have entered a family's home. To make matters even worse, the intruders take them captive with no idea if they will live or die. They vanish. This first scene in the book had my heart pounding wondering if these were random intruders or ones with a specific purpose. Wondering if they would let this family live or if this was the last I would read of them. When their closest friends discover the house empty and in disarray, they report it to the police and their deepest fears are confirmed when it is declared a crime scene. This is the beginning of their search for their friends where they learn to rely on God's strength and courage...and each other. I couldn't wait to see where these friends were going to go next in the search. I won't ruin the ending for you, but I will say that I LOVE that this is the beginning of a series. Vanished is a fast paced, faith filled, keep you on the edge of your seat mystery you don't want to miss.