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CUNNINGHAM writes intense, psychological thrillers with a skilled mix of fuelled tension, dark humor and pulsating sex scenes. Having lived the rock n'roll lifestyle, worked as a Crime Investigator, and in the glamorous celebrity-driven worlds her story-lines portray, and crossed paths with a serial attacker, she writes with fresh authority and sincerity rare in fiction.

CUNNINGHAM is proud mum to Contemporary Artist, Scarlett Raven, and owned by two dogs, She works as a Crime Investigator and Crime Radio Presenter.

THE DAVID TRILOGY has been adapted to film screenplay, is being adapted to TV Mini-Series Screenplay
'The Penance List',
'Unfinished Business'
'For My Sins'

THE DAVID TRILOGY - what happens when a scorned childhood sweetheart grows into a bi-sexual tour de force, a fun loving career girl, her racy girlfriends and innocent lovers get caught in his revenge? Sex becomes a weapon, hearts bait and straight tastes gay. What happens to hi-flying careers, clandestine affairs and wannabe starlets when the celebrity hungry press find out? Betrayal, murder, revenge?... and he's just getting started! .... Then, what happens when she has had enough, turns the tables and gives him a taste of his own medicine? A woman unafraid of death is dangerous.



'It S I Z Z L E S! an erotic, neurotic, sensual vision that’s rather stunning. Congratulations.'


‘SC Cunningham has done it again! What a fantastic writer. This second book in the series is just as brilliant as the first and has you gripped from the very first page. Tara has been through hell, and just when she thinks things are going back to 'normal' things start to happen and its 'here we go again!'. I don’t like to say too much about the story as it spoils it for other readers; all I will say is pick it up when you have plenty of time because you won't want to put it down. It’s very erotic, brutal and well and truly graphic. I said in my last review of the first book it was 50 shades crossed with Martina Cole, I still stand by that! Well done Siobhan! Can't wait for the film to be released and book 3!’
AMAZON REVIEW, 5 Stars, Cliffy, UK.

‘I read a lot of books and this book moves up to one of my top 5 reads. It is very erotic and intense at the same time. I like the way it goes into the past then back to the present. It keeps you on edge not knowing what is going to happen next. I read this book in 3 days because it is one of those books where you just don't want to stop reading it. Thumbs up to the author. Very well done.’
AMAZON REVIEW, 5 Stars, Steven R, USA

'Couldn't put it down, totally reeled me in, had me reading & reading to the small hours. Gripping! Can't wait for the third in the series.'
AMAZON REVIEW 5 Stars, Stuart, UK

'OMG!! Finished ‘Unfinished business’! You certainly know how to have an ending AGAIN. Thought 1st one was good but this 1 fab. ''

‘Gripping Story - I admire this author, she isn't afraid to push the boundaries. Full of explicit sex but it is pertinent to the story and tastefully done. David is a fantastic character and I liked how the psychology of the character was shown. David isn't just a mindless monster. Can't wait for the next two books!’

‘I bought this book on kindle after reading about the book and author on twitter. It had me gripped from the first page! There are some great twists, I cant wait for the next one. Go and buy it, you wont regret it, if you love martina cole books and 50 shades of grey this book is for you!’

‘Finished reading The Penance List and now IMPATIENTLY waiting on Unfinished Business and For My Sins. This book has everything - suspense, sex, laughs and intrigue. The twist at the end left me speechless. Truly amazing book. Highly recommend it. ‘

‘Cunningham writes with insight and passion. I was entertained from start to finish. David has something for everyone. Lesbian, gay, hetero, bi, metro and of course anyone that loves a good murder mystery. Cunningham will have you on the edge of your bed, chair, toilet or any place else you read it. The ending was not what i expected and i am patiently awaiting part 2! I also purchased David for my 83 yr. old Aunt, who is also enjoying it.’
J Wills, Amazon Review, 5 Stars, Chicago, USA

'Shocking & an eye opener! S C Cunningham writes stunning accounts of the rich and famous! I was mesmerized with the way these people live and act and read the book in one sitting. All I can say is I can't wait for the follow-up to this eye-opening account of stars and athletes. Bravo Ms Cunningham - keep writing everything you have ever seen because I find it quite exotic and crazy.'
D Williamson, Amazon Review, 5 Stars, Moncton, Canada

'Great novel about sex. Dynamic Characters! Cunningham has crafted an epic in proportion novel here. Her characters are sultry and as real as they can get. I recommend this book very highly.'
Glen Cantrell, Amazon Review, 5 Stars, California, USA

'I have recently listened to The Penance List on audio and loved it!!!! It's sexy, highly amusing and has the ability to really draw you in until you actually feel sorry for David... Which is great. I enjoyed it so much I have bought four copies for my friends; they just have to read it. I was wondering when the next installment will be available on audio, I have a small child and a business so I just don't have time to sit down with the book but can hardly wait.'
Alexandria N, UK

'My God you shocked my shoes off. Excellent work! '
Authonomy Author, Harper Collins.

'Couldn't put it down - a real page turner. Nicely crafted and highly unusual format with all the threads coming together right at the end. It's in a category all of its own and would make a great film. I look forward to the sequels. Well done'.
Amazon Review

'Boy, if anyone can write about sex this lady can! It's a complete turn on from start to finish - and no writer's ever done that for me before!! I love the characters - they involve you straight away and the plot keeps you hooked right to the end.... what end? I'm going to read the next two parts of the trilogy as soon as I can get hold of them. You're a very brave lady Ms Cunningham, and I love what you've done: you've somehow given us all the things we want to read about in one. It makes you shiver, it makes you laugh out loud, it intrigues you, it arouses you.'
Amazon Review, 5 stars, 'Giving sex a bad name by Jeni Ivatts', USA

'Bravo! Cunningham artfully weaves a compelling tapestry of murder, mayhem, and Martinis in her latest work, ''The Penance List." Delicious and salacious, this novel offers a new twist on the modern romance and the classic psychological thriller. It is a riveting tale filled with colorful characters, suspenseful sequences, and titillating twists. A fabulous read for those who dare!'
Sharon Gutierrez Grgich,LA, USA

'This reminds me a little of American Psycho only so very much better! You are a talented writer and I was compelled to keep reading and now I'm frustrated because I WANT MORE! I'd not only buy this but I'd buy it for friends!! BACKED 100%'.
Liz, Authonomy Author, Harper Collins.

As respite from the gore of her Thrillers, Cunningham produces the Ginormous Joe Series of Children's Picture books, alongside her artist daughter Scarlett Raven. Share of royalties goes to dog rescue.


Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to write THE DAVID TRILOGY?
Years ago I was living in London, a serial attacker was prowling the streets, he targeted me but luckily I got away unscathed, I helped police with their inquiries, a photo-fit etc, they eventually caught him after he'd damaged many women. When I looked into his cold, calm eyes I wondered where the hate had come from, what had made him this way? I wanted to warn other girls that this sort of evil energy was out there. My protagonist DAVID HOWARD was born. I mixed in the fun, sexy, shallow side of the lifestyle I had witnessed working in celebrity management and David's opposite, naughty leading lady TARA WARR was born. - www.thedavidtrilogy.com
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I write what I know, therefore everything I do influences my writing, I think it is the same for most writers - The eldest of five, of Irish parents (Dublin) who moved to London when the exciting 1960's energy beckoned and the streets were paved with gold. I was born and grew up in England, returning to the Irish family home (Wicklow) during holidays. At the age of eight years I was sent to a boarding school in the heart of rural England, Ascot, run by Irish nuns. It was a cauldron of emotions (Irish mischief and hate of rules kept me in trouble) but am grateful for the experience, I have weaved the loneliness, the power of religious fear, the destruction of obsession and the loss of innocence, observed at school into the formation of my protagonist, psychotic killer, David Howard, in THE DAVID TRILOGY.
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Unfinished Business
Series: The David Trilogy, Book 2. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 90,920. Language: English. Published: September 13, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Suspense, Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
Intimidating, compelling, carnal, DAVID is a man well accustomed to being adored, but what happens when feisty city-girl TARA no longer wants to play by his rules? She's had enough of running, of living in fear, playing the victim, it's time to turn tables and give her stalker a taste of his own medicine. Watch out DAVID, there's no telling what a woman will do when she's no longer afraid to die.

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