Kira Lee Scott


For the sake of conversation, you may call me Kira. That's a pen name obviously. I use it to maintain my anonymity and because my real name is embarrassing, a result of my mother reading one too many bodice rippers during pregnancy. It could have been worse, I have an older brother named Fabio which proves once again that sometimes reality is far more bizarre than anything I could make up.
I'm never going to model cloths on a runway because...
1: I tend to wander up and down between a size eight and ten depending on the time of month and my access to dark chocolate peanut M&Ms, and...
2: Red heads with big boobs don't seem to be very popular with gay clothing designers right now.
3: I'd be a hooker before I'd be a model. Seriously, I feel like at least a prostitute provides a valuable service for the money. To me, the young women of high fashion are merely self-contained reality shows where you get to watch them self-destruct on misplaced adulation, criticism and calories. Being a runway modelbot would just be too humiliating to me.
I own three pairs of shoes if you count my galoshes and flip-flops and my foul weather gear is the most expensive item in my hanging locker. Also, I live alone aboard my 29 foot sail boat, the S/V Noneyabidniz. She and I just left Florida heading north on the ICW and hope to complete the Great Loop sometime in the next when the hell ever. Not in any hurry, I plan on smelling a lot of seaweed along the way.
As to what exactly brought on my fascination with the Zoo lifestyle? Who knows for certain? It's often blamed on past trauma, particularly as a child, but as far as I know, I have never been poked, prodded, fondled or violated by anyone except when I encouraged it. We were a large family with several dogs and a string of cats but the idea of having sex with one of them never occurred to me till I was in my early twenties and living with Bobby, my college sweetheart. It was his fantasy and his boxer/lab mix (Hondo wasn't a pretty animal, but he had a heart of gold) that started me down this road.
So if peering through the window of my mind hasn't scared you off yet, why not step inside and have a seat where the couch is soft and the beer is always cold. You can watch my fantasies unfold, but be forewarned; some things cannot be unseen and given time, they can take root, and grow...
PS; Where ever you are Hondo, I still miss you...

PPS; Please, if you download this series in whole or in part, don't forget to leave me feedback even if you didn't like something about it. As you can imagine, this subject matter makes it difficult to locate like minded editors or even proofreaders. I desperately need your feedback in order to improve my writing. Also, try to keep it civil as well as constructive. The fact that you think I'm a sick, twisted animal abusing prevert says as much or more about your lifestyle and fantasies as it doe's about mine.
UPDATE; I seem to have picked up a hitch hiker while broke down in Savannah. He knows of and endorses my erotic leanings. Also, he has a basic understanding of diesel engines and electrical systems making him indispensable in my eyes. The fact that he's hung like a Tazmanian water buffalo has very little to do with why I shanghaied his ass...


A FutureMeld Series Book One: BodyMeld
Price: Free! Words: 25,020. Language: English. Published: June 1, 2015 . Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Science Fiction, Fiction » Erotica » For Couples
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BodyMeld is the future of erotica! Zeke and Lake were soul-mates torn apart in a horrendous act of revenge. Their survival story is an adventure into future melds between human and animals. Open minds are the only way Zeke and Lake will live and love together in the future.