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S. C. Lang was born Scott Charles Lang on August 21, 1967 in Smithtown, New York to a German immigrant father (Luther Roth Lang, 1935 - 2008), and a Lithuanian immigrant mother (Rita Elizabeth Lang, 1936 - 1994). S.C.'s father had a successful career within the FAA, while his mother stayed home and took care of their three children, Karen, Karl and S.C. Luther's job forced his family to bounce around the country often, exposing a very young S.C. to a variety of people, places, life-styles and cultures. Lang has often speculated that it was these early relocations, along with his father's flamboyant storytelling skills and antics, that helped carve his own storytelling style. "Telling a story," Lang said in a recent interview with Cory Lockwood of Harvard Radio, "is a lot like playing with Dominoes. In the beginning, when you're introducing your characters, that's you showing the reader what Dominoes you plan on using. The middle part is you setting up the Dominoes where you'd like them to be. The end, of course, is simply a matter of knocking them down." Lang also added, "You have to be original and grab the reader right from the first page. Otherwise, you're just some guy playing with Dominoes that nobody cares about."
By the time the youngest Lang was 7, he and his family had lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and California. "It's cool that my dad spread us all over the place instead of keeping us in the same general area. I mean, how boring would that be? Load up the troops just to go twenty minutes down the road? That was so not his style. 'If you're going to move the family, Dad liked to say, move them right'." The Lang family would eventually settle into the quiet Illinois town of Crystal Lake, a northwest suburb of Chicago in the late 70's, and S.C. would reside for the next two decades in the area.
Lang fell in love with reading while in high school, and was always considered a great storyteller by his friends and family, but never tried his hand at writing until a friend dared him to finally put one of his stories down on paper. Original Sin, his debut novel, was the end result of that dare. "I really don't think she realized the monster that she was unleashing," Lang chuckled during an interview for a local newspaper. "But, I sure do thank her for that dare. It's completely changed my life."
On October 5, 2001, Lang relocated yet again. This time he went to Craig, Colorado, where he still resides, and two years later married the love of his life, Shellye. S.C. and his wife have two beautiful children, Ashley and Trenna (pronounced Tree - na). A few years ago, Lang was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, a disorder that causes painful inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Lang, however, has vowed not to let his infliction stop him from achieving the lofty goals he has set for himself. "If anything, having Crohn's has made me even more determined to succeed. " Lang concluded the interview by saying, "I promise my fans some great books in the future. I have some very exciting ideas of where I want my work to go."
Lang is currently busy working on the sequel to Original Sin, another fast-paced thriller called, A Deeper Well.

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A powerful and secret society called the Mission wants a world free of sin. They send Brandy to seek out and kill adulterous married men. Brandy's hunting ground is an adult online chat room. Detective Dallas Holden is assigned the homicide investigation. Danger mounts as Holden finds himself entangled in an intricate web of love, betrayal, and power that will change his life forever.

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