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Scott Blade has written five bestselling books, two of which reached the top 100 on Amazon.

 He isn't a traditional bestselling author. Although, he's been nominated for numerous awards and accolades in fiction, collecting trophies isn't he's style.

The dealio about Scott Blade is that he is a real life drifter, who writes books, and hitchhikes or uses public transport from place to place. What started as a experiment inspired by Jack Reacher, wanderlust, and others became a real-life habit. And now he writes a bestselling book series based on a drifter hero, Jack Widow.

Scott takes characters, places, and plot elements from the towns, seashores, lonely roads, and busy cities across the globe.

He travels the planet, carrying a MacBook and some essentials, going from place to place, and solving mysteries. Not real mysteries, only the ones in his head. 

Growing up in a place like Mississippi, Scott always had the itch to explore the world beyond the pine trees and dark waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Currently, Scott travels North America and is working on his next Jack Widow book.

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