Scott Muller


Scott lives in Colorado with his lovely wife and two children. A true renaissance man, he is an accomplished artist, mountaineer, snowboarder, home brewer and persnickety wine snob. He moved to heaven (a.k.a. Colorado) in the early 1980's from Michigan and has never looked back, although he misses the colors in the fall and being on a sailboat on a 'real' lake in the summer. His free time is currently occupied teaching his kids how to ride two wheelers, and how to fish. This year, he will brave the world of tent camping and force his kids to rough it, bugs, dirt, and all. He is an overachiever, has three engineering degrees including a master's degree from Colorado School of Mines, and as a self professed curmudgeon, criticizes code that software engineers design. In other words, he breaks things for a living. He has always enjoyed storytelling and writing. He hopes to escape cubeville before donuts become illegal, or he becomes an old fogey. Please help him.

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