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  • Beyond Redemption - The Forbidden on March 03, 2011

    It's a great book! A masterfully told story spiriting the reader through the worlds of mortals and immortals. The evolving tale brings to life intriguing characters in fascinating,suspensful,romantic and even humorous encounters. The author,referencing the bible and his own imagination,entertains the reader about the possibilities of parallel universes and the dubious intentions of those that walk the earth amoung us. Being a lover of detective fiction,I especially enjoyed the mystery aspect of the book and the efforts of the humanly characters to sleuth out the truth. The book can be hard to follow,sometimes,because of numerous interwoven story threads. The introduction of sewer dwelling adversaries,towards the end,tends to erode the plausibility of the story. I do,however,highly recommend this creative and enjoyable book and look forward to reading the next two titles in the trilogy.