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Someone once told me to be 'Profound' in life. At the time I thought that meant being famous, or doing something noble or commendable. As an adult I realize now what that person meant. She meant it in a way that do something with your life that moves you above all else. The first step of me finding what my definition of profound was to become a mother. Two beautiful little girls later, it was time to tackle the next step and that was to become a writer.

I had always written poetry and short little dialogues to remember certain vivid dreams I'd had, but I never put any more faith into it. Until 2003 when I started working on a pipedream of a first novel. I got halfway done and had terrible writer's block that I never did recover from with that story.

It wasn't until 2005 that I found out why I'd never been able to finish that story. I couldn't relate to on any level because it didn't speak to me. And I found my true love when it came to writing. Not real life, not believable stories of what ifs, but something darker and more imaginative. Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Demons, and Devils. The darker side of the night time really appealed to me in a way I would have never thought possible.

Through 5 years now of short stories and ideas about some of the craziest characters my twisted mind can think up, here I am, getting closer every day to completing my first novel about the one character I never tire of writing about... Devrynne Kaine.

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  • Claimed (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Blood Lust, Novella 2) on June 12, 2010

    I will admit when I first heard the idea of indie authors and whatnot I was a little skeptical. I was told to read Kept, the first novella in the Blood Lust series and couldn't put it down. Read Claimed the very next day. What can be said about Zoe's writing and her ability to tell a story? Not much that would do her justice. She paints her characters in such a way that you can't help but to love them, writes them in a way that even if you don't fully relate, you will find at least one thing about them that you can empathize with. Well done again Zoe, for keeping me up past my bed time reading your lovely stories... cannot wait for more! ;)