S.D. Simpson


I am a native Texan with about six years experience overseas. Readers may note references in the book Diagnosis: Easy Target to foods, people and activities from other countries as I have inserted experiences I have had abroad. I also enjoy the opportunity to mingle regularly with immigrants here in the States as I am an English as a Second Language (ESL) college instructor and private tutor. Thus, I have a chance to see many comical situations that arise from the multi-cultural society in which we live and some of those may serve as material for later books.

As for earlier writing,I have retained most of my personal poetry, short stories and monologues that extend back to my early childhood. All of those writings have one commonality: they were all written in times of intense pain or pleasure. Without having an intense emotional and/or spiritual impetus, I usually find no justification for writing.

The idea for Diagnosis: Easy Target was spawned from the disgust and frustration of what is offered and even required reading in most of today's public schools. The central theme of many popular books today is death and godlessness without redemption and hope. This novel, in contrast, is written with the goal of enlightening and entertaining readers.


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