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  • Dirty Little Angels on Feb. 21, 2011
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    Chris Tusa's book, Dirty Little Angels shows the darker side of New Orleans through the words of Hailey Trosclair, a sixteen year old trying to stay sane and keep family and friends together as she is confronted with one ugly situation after another. Hailey's mother,who was cut off from her upper income family when she married Hailey's lower income father, has given up on life since a recent miscarriage. Family friend, Verma, their neighbor, is an old, wise black woman, dealing with complications of diabetes. She is the moral compass for Hailey and the family, trying to guide them in the right direction. She is in contrast to Moses, an ex-con preacher, with his pitbull, Hitler,who wants to have a drive-in church where people can pick up their sermons at a drive through window. Hailey and her brother Cyrus become embroiled with Moses in a one night brawl involving a child pedophile from the West Bank that sends them on a downward spiral of confusion and mixed signals, resulting in suicide attempts, severed fingers and a riveting conclusion. Hailey's mental breakdown is her turning point. Rather than waiting for God to determine her fate and the fate of her family, she decides to take charge of her situation to save herself and her family. Hailey gives up on God and takes justice in her own hands. Is Hailey the dirty little angel? Read it and find out for yourself. These characters are vivid and very believeable. Chris Tusa has a bright future. He does Southerners proud with his contemporary, timely language and vivid description of characters and landscapes. I can't wait to see the movie. Sherry Ducombs February 21, 2011