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  • Scat (Scat's Universe, Book 1) on March 05, 2012

    The book can be viewed as being of two distinct halves. In the first half the author seeks to establish the characters and premise for the story that follows. The long dialogues with only intermittent action might, on initial impression at least, seem somewhat pedestrian. However, a reader who perseveres with the book is richly rewarded, for just as one starts to think this novel is a typical example of the ’good wins against the evil empire’ sci fi genre, the author throws in a twist which shatters any such illusion. Occurring roughly midway through the book, it is a pivotal point, because from thereon the pace picks up rapidly, and the turn of events that follow succeed in pulling the reader ever deeper into the increasingly ambitious story line. The final chapters serve up perhaps the most intriguing and certainly the most explosive development, propelling the book into a first class page turner and leaving the reader impatient for more at its conclusion. In summary, the book’s first half is a bit of a slow burner, but serves as a touch fuse to light up a phenomenal second half, leaving readers impatient for the second volume which surely must follow from this promising author!