Sean Frierson


Sean Frierson writes short stories, screenplays, and other forms of fiction. His most recent project, Confidential Informant, is a short thriller directed by Chester Finney. However, he prefers the imaginative worlds of fantasy, science fiction, weird fiction, and horror. Sean excelled at his classes at Full Sail University where he earned his BFA in creative writing for entertainment. Prior to attending Full Sail, he earned a certificate at Solano Community College’s Actor’s Training Program. Sean’s goal to work in the entertainment industry was instantly established when he was in third grade, when he first acted in the play, The Rainbow Connection. After the exhilarating experience on stage, Sean made sure that every step he took would get him closer to being a part of an industry that could affect as many people as there are ideas in the world. He studied, and performed in theatre for the next ten-plus years of his life. As a result, he has acquired a wide perspective on entertainment having participated in many roles on, and off stage. Sean uses this knowledge in his writing. In addition to audience, he considers actors, directors, and designers when he writes, so that they may use their own creativity to the fullest. He values the benefits of a collaborative environment so that a few may exceed their accumulated potential. Sean also enjoys video games, playing his didgeridoo, and learning new things. If you would like to share your knowledge with Sean, email him at


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