Smashwords book reviews by seattlerain

  • Frostbite (Winter #1) on Jan. 15, 2014

    Such a great teaser to get the story started that I had to grab the next one.
  • Snowbound (Winter #2) on Jan. 18, 2014

    Grabbed this second book as soon as I read the teaser of the first one. Wonderful quick reads. Liking how the author is now giving some power to the broken Parker character on this one. Definitely will be grabbing the 3rd one as soon as it's published.
  • Worth Waiting For on Feb. 24, 2014

    If you're looking for a sweet, heart warming story but with an edge, this is the story to read. The emotional maturity that Colby posses for his young age was a bit unbelievable if it wasn't balanced by his innocence and lack of words to inexperience wasn't waves in. I'd love to see more books by the author here.
  • The Cat & the Crow on April 20, 2014

    My intro to the author was through the Swardmaster Dasan stories and after reading that, i has to find more. I really enjoyed Tarro's narrative voice. Being inside the inner workings of his mind truely added to the book. Nerine' character was just as tragic although not in the similar physical life or death kind of way as Tarro. How interesting it would be to have this in Nerine's perspective as well.
  • Swordmaster Dasan on April 20, 2014

    Emotionally pulling story even with all the fantasy and sizzle.
  • Swordmaster Dasan Part 2 on April 20, 2014

    Has to read this straight through after the first one. Can't wait for the 3rd installment. While in wait, ended up reading The Cat and the Crow. I really enjoy the author's writing style. Always great emotional pull, tragedy,and heat.
  • Impulse: The Complete Trilogy on July 13, 2014

    I couldn't put it down once i started so i was very glad i chose the trilogy set. The storyline between Derrick and Chase, mixed moments of uncertainty, vulnerability, and tenderness that felt real. The private moments and their shared inhibitions progresses in a pace that felt real and relatable even if it's not your kink. I think that's the beauty of this series.
  • Yours on Oct. 27, 2014

    Enjoyed the sweet twist. Engaging short story.
  • Fighting Dirty on Nov. 15, 2014

    Most shot stories I'm good with them being short. However this one, really wish the author would create a full story around these two.
  • Lima Oscar Victor Echo and The Truth About Everything on Nov. 26, 2016

    So touching. Couldn't put it down.
  • Gay for Alex on Dec. 18, 2016

    Really enjoyed Alex's charactor and the confusion of Dayton. I'm still unclear as to what happened with Tony and Dayton, it was a bit confusing. Stiry jumpex a bit especially betwwen Alex at the bar and Dayton ending up in jail.
  • Always Been You on Dec. 21, 2016

    Good story of young love unfullfilled to being united 11 years later. Not sure how wrll the storyline of Becky really worked. Would have liked a bit more of the character development for Alex, Jared, and the extened characters like Skye and Tylor.
  • Change of Address on Jan. 03, 2017

    This was a sweet romance with likable leading men and the support characters. Couple of things that were a bit bothersome. First, i couldn't get over the fact that Michael went clubbing in DC for quick hookups. This didn't make any sense since he couldn't deal with loud noises, needing to have eyes on the doors almost at all times, couldn't deal with strangers or busy places. A club would be the nightmare of places with thumping music, dark lighting that would change with dance lights, people bumping into each other, etc. Especially since the author portrayed him as someone who was highly dependent on his dog. It would have made more sense if the author had him use Grindr or some other online app. Second, the fact that there weren't already reporters following the governor's son didn't make sense either. But over all good read.
  • His Scar on Jan. 03, 2017

    I'm not sure what it was about the writing but I couldn't get past the fact that the characters felt like they were really young, almost high school like. I know Ryan was supposed to be introverted but he came off as mean and unlikable. I realize that was meant to be since he was angry about his face and life but i think it would have helped the story if we saw his struggle during the healing or glimpse into his character before the accident to understand the change.
  • Five Dates on Jan. 18, 2017

    Cute and charming story. Enjoyed both the leaing men.
  • Bound to You on Jan. 28, 2017

    Good read
  • Away & Back on Jan. 28, 2017

    The entanglement of the unusual connection and coming to a resolution especially for Channing. I almostvwanted more to see the name change resolve for Gerry/Grant and experience their relationship unfold.
  • Coming Clean on March 09, 2017

    I always enjoy a story when there are strong supporting characters as well as interesting leading characters. Enjoy the story.
  • Synchronicity on Aug. 14, 2017

    Very sweet quick read. Thus could be a great story to develop into a full book.
  • The Rest of Forever on Jan. 14, 2018

    Really enjoyed the shift in approach to the 'loving the best friend ' genre. Ideally authors write from the perspective from the one who was always longing first.
  • What's the Sign for Love? on Jan. 14, 2018

    Even though this is a short story, it does a great job of character development of not only the main characters but the supporting cast. It was sweet with humor and ends in a way that could be written as a longer story. Really enjoyed it.