Shawn E. Crapo


Shawn was born in Fairfield, CA and was dragged relentlessly through quite a few states before his parents settled in the great [sic] state of Illinois. He grew up in a medium-sized town called Decatur, where he developed a love for many artistic media. Though becoming quite skilled in drawing, painting, music, and other things, he always wanted to write. It was early in the 1990s when Shawn first conceived the story that would eventually become the The Dragon Chronicles. For nearly 20 years, the basic premise had bounced around inside his head, threatening to burst forth in some crude, or otherwise unpleasant manner. During these years, Shawn moved from place to place, living many different lives before finally returning to the City of Decatur. Taking a job at Caterpillar, Inc. as a laborer, life has been pretty good. But, it wasn't until an unfortunate layoff that Shawn finally sat down and starting writing the story that had been stabbing the inside of his skull for so many years. In the space of two months, he finally finished the first book of The Dragon Chronicles, entitled Onyx Dragon. He now lives in Indiana, writing and building guitars full time.

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