-Former Technology & Art instructor, mainly on the Navajo & Apache reservations.
-Love to write. I've written & had published several articles for educational technology and art education magazines. Links to them are on my website.
-Grew up in NJ, lived in Florida, Colorado and for the past 23 years- Arizona.
-Fascinated by Native American cultures and their art.
-Love to travel
-Enjoy writing poems and short stories. Hope to write a book one day!

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  • Games Men Play on June 11, 2011
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    I recently read this 'ebook'. It was well written, realistic and engrossing. One of things I liked most about this book was that, unlike a lot of gay romance novels where the characters are body-prefect studs, the character of Stockton is the antithesis of this: he is overweight, insecure, works as a tradesman and is somewhat co-dependent on his family. As the story evolves so does his evolution as a person. Rufus on the other hand is better looking but has his own set of insecurities. The author does a great job of not only telling a good story but showing how the characters evolve personally and together to learn from each other. It is a story about how love grows,and about overcoming obstacles, personal insecurities & rejection on the road to self-realization. It an excellent read on many levels, both intellectually and emotionally.I highly recommend it!