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Sefton now publishes his books on Smashwords via Irish Wolf Publishing.

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Sefton Hart is the pen name of a husband and wife team who write Contemporary Erotica together. They use the outlet of writing to create fantasy scenarios of husbands and wives living out there deepest sexual urges. They have created a few Contemporary Series that reflect not just married couples, but also single woman that aren’t afraid to share their lustful desires and urges with the world. Sefton Hart aims to take you places you only dream about, allowing you a wicked outlet to understand that not everything is wicked and naughty, but that other people think about the same things that you do.

Whether you are into straight sex, forbidden desire, kinky sex or even BDSM, Sefton caters for all. He holds no bars as he writes. He likes to write couples, threesomes and even a single performing by themselves. No combination is left out. Ladies and Gentlemen, here are your desires.

If you want a delicious taste of the dark side, then jump into a few of Sefton’s books. They are available on all major eBook retailers at affordable prices.

Sefton Hart also writes as Bonnie Bliss, where they share your need for the Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance mixed with that hint of Erotica. Under Bonnie they dive head long into the secret world of Angels, Werewolves, Vampires, and other supernatural creatures.

Come on in, the waters fine!

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