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  • How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse on Aug. 19, 2012

    When I first had the opportunity to read (and then listen to) "How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse"... I went though the range of emotions from laughing out loud, (especially at the parts that we have all done or said, at one time or another) to complete awe of how Heather can share so much insight and wisdom in a way that is so entertaining and easy to assimilate. Heather puts even the most complicated information into a format that almost anyone can understand. Heather has proven herself to be able to do just that. She presents the information in a way that makes you feel like she's sitting across the table from you (especially if you listen to the free audio version)...just a conversation with a friend...a kind, wise and caring friend. It is very personal, very useful, and reflects her depth and passion! As a teacher, I have used her stories and analogies. It has been incredibly helpful to illustrate these concepts in a way anyone can utilize. A favorite quote that I use almost daily, either with myself or others, was something she shared about the process of life and transformation sometimes being chaotic, and 'trusting the process'.... Seneca Spirit