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  • Siren Beat on Feb. 09, 2011

    This paranormal romance is a quick, entertaining read but I found myself wishing for a bit more depth. Given that this is a novella length work though, there is a good sense of a world which can contain sirens and guardians. The male lead Chadmus performs a very Mills and Boon hero role, and I wish he were less cardboard cutout. More exploration of his nature as a selkie and grief would have fleshed him out a bit. As a strong female character, I would also have liked to learn more about who the Guardian Nancy is. All in all everything wrapped up a little too easily for my liking but I can see that there is more for the author to explore in this world. If you are after a quick read with a little bit of fun, then this is the novella for you.
  • Horn on Feb. 10, 2011

    A fast paced, well written noir detective mystery with paranormal elements. The sassy lead Miriam Aster is an ex-cop who is reluctantly called in to consult on cases which involve fey influence, such as a murdered child covered in fairy glitter. Be warned, however, this is no children's fairy tale. I enjoyed this tale from Peter M Ball and the skilful way the paranormal elements were blended with noir ambience. I look forward to reading others in the series.
  • Bleed on Feb. 24, 2011

    Miriam Aster is an ex-cop turned PI who specialises in cases with Fey influence. That is fairies, of the dark and nasty kind. This time she consults on a missing persons case, and stumbles into another fairy-related crime. I did like this Miriam Aster Novella, but not quite as much as the first, I think maybe the minor characters were not quite as central to the case this time, or not as fleshed out anyway. The first novella had a strong sense of connection between Miriam and her Fey ex and the story was stronger for it. This time around the love interest doesn't seem to be as strongly connected to the feisty detective, and if she weren't the client you might wonder why she was included at all. There was still a strong fast pace and the story kept my attention but if smashwords had 3 1/2 stars I would rate it thus, instead of 4.
  • Sprawl on July 07, 2011

    I savoured “Sprawl” over lunch breaks, dipping into it when I had time to spare. With a loose focus on urban fantasy and horror, each story in the collection comes from a unique place throughout the Australian urban landscape, evoking the suburbs and cities in all their variety; from the quiet country town to the busy inner city suburbs. With a contemporary Australian outlook, Sprawl revealed glimpses of myth, horror and fantasy tales tucked into the corners of urban life. There was a unique sense of character and location arising from an environment that shelters people of many different cultures, all striving to find their own way of belonging.