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  • And the Moral of the Story Is... on Aug. 07, 2011
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    Between mythical creatures that can't pay attention to woman trapped in crystal balls, giving the Sun credit where credit is due, reflecting on physical abuse dished out by one's father, and an overall heavy interpretation of what it means to love and and physically feel pain, I'd say you could find a handful of personal meaning inside of this collection.
  • Click on Aug. 07, 2011
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    This story started out with twists which immediately grabbed my attention. The ending is left open to interpretation which left quite the impression on me. From a writer's standpoint, this author did not waste time in getting to the action but her words still painted a lurid picture of the chilling scenes that unfolded throughout the book.
  • The Silent Princess on Aug. 07, 2011
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    Acting like lady is differnt from place to place, but in this universe the characters insist that to be truly ladylike is to remain silent. I felt that there was a strong feminist tone to this story that also roped everything in with socio-polical mores that present great meaning to those who find themselves enduring economic decline, all the while big-whigs are getting rich off the downtrodden and the meek. This story definitely captured the meaning of what it is to struggle both as low class and as a woman.
  • The Accidental Immortal on Aug. 07, 2011
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    What would it be like to live forever? Could you do it? Could you find yourself wrapped up in a world of neverending life, watching those around you die? Nevermind the amazing things you could do with all your time, what about how monotonous it would become? What if Death were truly a person who forgot about you? What would you think of him then? This story answers the bulk of those questions and more. I suggest it as a download for those interested in the subject of death, dying, and the human response.