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  • Nowhere To Go on July 16, 2011

    Great collection of 11 short stories. Had a hard time putting it down, I kept trying to read faster to turn the next page. Some stories I could almost predict the ending, others were completely surprising. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys crime, drama, suspense, thriller, etc type of stories.
  • American Nightmare on Dec. 31, 2011

    Truly, the American Nightmare. Bob is in his 50’s, worked hard, put everyone’s needs above his own, never said no. Take it all away. His wife divorced him and limited his visitations to his children and his boss fired not only him, but everyone else in his company since it is being outsourced. Bob finally snapped. A dark side emerged with rage, fury and a primal need for revenge in disturbing ways. Bob feels no guilt with the killing of others. While the book could be written a bit better and some grammatical errors need to be corrected, it is a haunting story of how the mind can only handle so much.
  • Denibus Ar on May 16, 2012

    If you like reading about ancient Egypt, the Queens and Kings of long ago, their riches and their treasures, buried with them in pyramids, the archaeologists who long to discover them and the thieves who try to steal everything, then you will like this story. Travel along with Carl Langley, a group of others and a mysterious cat who have discovered a six-sided pyramid and the maze like passages underneath. Some things are better left alone and the most evil sometimes get what they deserve. Extremely descriptive, you feel as if you are in the desert with the heat, sun and sand, and the deep, dark tunnels of the numerous passages of the unique pyramid. Would definitely recommend to others.
  • The Water Thief on July 08, 2012

    In a futuristic society where one is ruled by Corporations, everything costs caps, even rainwater and air. Sarah Aisling, who once was very well off but decided that was no life, stole rainwater and was arrested for her crime. Charles Thatcher decided this was something to write about, as that was his job at Ackerman Brothers Securities, finding topics for stories and getting paid for it. The more he thought about it, the more it intrigued him. He began to dig deeper into her past. When he could not locate her, he found her best friend Kate. Charles and Kate became friends and she showed him the other side, where those less fortunate found a way to survive. Ackerman Brothers did not like what Charles was doing. His colleagues became concerned about him and his doings. You will have to read for yourself to see which side wins out, if any at all.
  • The Concrete Kiss on Aug. 07, 2013

    Detective Ned Danes had the lucky job of cold cases. Those crimes that were never solved, with so little to go on, but had families that needed closure and to know the truth. FBI Agent Phillip Abbott had seen a lot in his day, but the horrific crimes of a family serial killer ripped his heart when it happened to a family with an autistic girl named Jessica. When her family is murdered, Phillip and his wife adopt her. So when they teamed up to solve the serial killer murders, and went a touch out of bounds in order to try to capture him, you could not have asked for a better team. This killer was cold, calculated and had no remorse for his victims, it was just a job he was paid to do. While they are on the hunt for the killer, running as a separate side line was a cold case of abducted girls. Little clues to help solve this case. What could have been split into two books, maybe one as a number two in a series, was crammed into one book. The majority is based on the serial killer, with small references to the abducted and raped girls case. While the characters will keep you interested, and it is a thriller to be sure, it probably might have been better staying with one of the story lines rather than try to merge them together.
  • The Betrayals of Grim's Peak on Nov. 09, 2013

    Augie, adopted by Earl and Marge after a hurricane hit the waters, was always afraid of the water. Earl and Marge had even given up using their boat to stay away from the water. But Augie realized it was not fair to Earl and Marge, so they went for a vacation at their old Florida Keys home. While on vacation, Augie see something he has never seen before and is forced to go into the water in order to learn the truth about what he saw. What he learned was that there is a magical world beneath the surface of the water. While feeling like an outsider, he is befriended by a few select people, and the more he learns, the more he has questions. Even the elders of the underwater world are baffled by what is happening. Who could ever imagine the world Augie discovers, and who is really telling the truth. Travel with Augie every step of his journey and meet so many characters who don’t always appear to be what they seem.