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  • The Keeping on Jan. 25, 2012

    I guess I didn't read the "erotica" part when I downloaded this book. ** Spoiler Alert** Anyway, I have several problems with this story (besides the porn). I didn't like Melody, I thought she was shallow and extremely stupid! Who crosses over a 12 foot fence when there is a "NO Trespassing" sign? NO ONE in their right mind, especially in 4 inch heels, which brings me to the question WHO wears 4 inch heels? But given this is a porn book, I guess porn-stars?? And WHY, oh WHY did she have to be petite with big boobs??? So cliche. That is an insult to petite women everywhere! And the town whore befriending the visiting whore, who would have thought? Usually females aren't that "sharing" with their sex partners, even if they feel it isn't going anywhere. Next, werewolves can't transform on a whim, this should have been called a shape-shifter and not werewolf, that bugged me A LOT. Which brings me to WHAT kind of Alpha would betray his pack and that of another pack because he was horny? It is an insult to Sci-Fi Fantasy fans everywhere. And no one else in the town noticed all the "growling"? Really?? Also, where did their clothes "magically" appear and disappear to? This was just absolutely ridiculous, unbelievable and also insulting. Why were there so many storylines entangled, it made my head spin. I didn't care about Aldrich's past, he was creep and it was evident from the beginning. I literally threw-up in my mouth a little when the sex scene on the dirty, disgusting couch at the bar. It was super-gross, who does that?? I have been drunk but never THAT drunk to just throw down on some nasty couch in a public place. It was rude and inconsiderate of Armand who was suppose to be Ryne's friend. There were some Pro's, however, I did read the book. I was pleasantly surprised by the reason Mr. Greyson hired Melody that was an unpredictable and interesting. I truly liked Mr. Greyson even from the beginning before I had an idea what he was about. I liked the townspeople and thought this book was a good representation of a small town. There was some humor between Ryne and Melody and I laughed out loud a couple of times. Needless to say I will NOT be reading the other books because of the graph content, I'm not a prude it just gets old and boring, if there is a good storyline you don't need nudity and graphic sex. I'm giving it 3 stars only because it had potential to be a good book, Mr. Greyson took me by surprise and that usually doesn't happen.