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At one particularly beneficent point in space-time, a notably different child was born to two seemingly normal parents. Not just your average run-of-the-mill child who only comes equipped with two arms, two legs, a couple eyes, matted hair, and . . . well . . . everything else that makes one human. No, this child was born with a gift, one that would ultimately shape the cosmos, or at least the part of the cosmos inside his head. His name is S. J. Forester. (Cue epic space-battle music, maybe even a cheering crowd. No? Well, all right then . . . Maybe next time.) And now, his story-telling abilities are being put to better use than getting out of parking tickets. While his unique vision of far-fetched galaxies may not require a warning label(yet), the sheer amount of barely contained awesomeness may cause fits of ecstasy.
Raised in the quaint suburbs of Indianapolis, S. J. managed to wander all over the country and occasionally outside of it and still end up right back in Indy, where he currently lives with his wife, two dogs, and over-sized mutant imagination. He has been an avid reader since he first found the book Dune on his mother’s bookshelf, but has recently come to an agreement with the Lady of the Lake and taken up the Excalibur of modern day writing utensils(moderate sized rectangle with 108 keys), and now crafts his own tales in hopes of entertaining you, the magnificent reader. Yes you. You’re just that special. Like everyone else.

My first novel, In the Rouge, Part One is currently available on Smashwords, Amazon, and most other major e-book retailers.

Part Two is well on its way and should be available this Fall with Fungus for Hire, Part One following this Winter.

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