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Parsina Press is proud to be the principal source for Stephen Goldin's books and stories. Not only are many of them published electronically here at Smashwords, but going to our Web site will link you to other editions, both electronic and paper, of the more than 30 science fiction and fantasy novels Stephen Goldin has published over his long career.

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I'm not sure I've ever heard of Stephen Goldin. What sorts of things do you write that I might be interested in reading?
I write almost entirely in the speculative fiction field. I had many short works and over 30 book titles published by traditional presses like Doubleday, Bantam, Harper & Row, Berkley, Fawcett and New American Library before I decided to go the independent route and publish them myself. The Parsina Saga is my major fantasy credential. In science fiction I've written several series, like the Rehumanization of Jade Darcy series, the Agents of ISIS series, and the Mindsaga series. I've also written stand-alone novels--some of the ones I'm proudest of are THE ETERNITY BRIGADE, A WORLD CALLED SOLITUDE, SCAVENGER HUNT and ASSAULT ON THE GODS. I also wrote a novel called POLLY! that doesn't easily fit into any category, but which a lot of people have found delightfully funny.
Why do you write speculative fiction?
I'm fascinated with telling stories in a wide range of realities. Stories set in known times and environments seem too limiting. I want to explore the universe of possibilities. I want my characters to explore unknown challenges and see how well they'll hold up. It's exciting to go "where no one has gone before." As long as the thrill remains, I'll continue traveling down the road never taken.
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