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  • Sheep on July 17, 2013

    Martin D Rothery is the best animal psychic I've ever heard of. Psychics are the ones that talk to things, correct? Well either way he happens to be able to see into the minds of barnyard animals, aka dinner. Yea, that's right I said dinner, although it wasn't always that way. There was a time where cows and sheep ruled the world! Yea I know it's hard to see a hamburger and lamb chop leading anything, but it's true. Martin R got it straight out of the sheep's mouths. This book is a must read if you're wanting to find out the real history of man. Okay so it's not really a reference type book and shouldn't really be taken seriously. Sheep and cows are known to be sworn enemies, everyone knows that. Sheep just happen to keep cows around because they offer protection. You know if you are going up against a human, who do you think will look more appetizing? The tiny little furball or a delicious huge steak? Yea, I thought so. I almost felt so horrible when the cows and sheep started dropping like flies when man first realized they would be good to eat...almost. Oh and if you think football was a human creation, think again. You've also probably never even noticed how sneaky sheep and cows are because of...camouflage. Yup, another thing you thought men came up with. Martin D Rothery really brings barnyard animals to life in such a funny way. You will definitely be cracking up throughout the book. It's well written and I would highly recommend it as a great summer read.