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  • Klondaeg The Monster Hunter on Jan. 16, 2013

    Brilliant book, easy to get into. Klondaeg is a fiery dwarf monster hunter who, with the help of his double-headed axe, the Kings Rest, sets out to take on a pack of werewolf gnomes. When he meets Dalvinus, Klondaeg decides to help him overcome a prophesy that means the end of his life. Dalvinus has a - to Klondaeg - unique way of getting things done. Being abducted by extinct bird-people isn't high on Klondaeg's list of things to do, but when it happens, he has to choose whether to believe Princess Avia and help her, or let her brother kill a God. Then Klondaeg dines with a (different) God, does it end in calamity for the entire dwarven race, or does it just end Klondaeg?