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  • Shadow Walker on Jan. 30, 2011

    Shadow Walker Author: L.A. Banks Publisher: Leslie Esdaile Banks, LLC “Shadow Walker” is a young adult (YA) series –extended from L.A. Banks Vampire Huntress Legends series. “Shadow Walker” introduces the teen children of the VHL Neteru Guardians Team. The story begins with the Neteru Compound teens preparing to move to the “Neteru Academy” a high school for all guardian children to learn, train, and develop their special talents. The teens are excited and scared all at the same time about going away to school. Each of them know they have to adapt to a new environment; and embrace the idea that they will one day take up the torch as Warriors of Light and alongside their parents and other guardians battle the dark forces of evil. Sarah Rivera is in awe of her parent’s legacy as the Millennium Neteru’s. However Sarah is afraid she won’t be able to live up her parents expectations and she also fears the dark. Sarah’s gifts, talents and abilities are put to the test as she tries to fit in with a new family. The mean girls at school start trouble all the time and want Sarah and her compound sisters to go home. Sarah is determined to make high school work despite the odds stacked against her. Sarah and her twin Alejandro are always at odds, but agree they need to take action to find out why students /teachers are disappearing. There are many secrets behind the walls of the academy. Strange things are happening as Sarah finds herself involved in the mayhem and chaos going on. In the stressful moments Sarah and her compound family must stick together to uncover those secrets and the academy and safe haven their parents created remains! Ms. Banks takes you on a fast paced ride through the eyes of these young adults as they find their way in the world. Sarah is the main character in Shadow Walker, but each character in this book adds flavor to this phenomenal book. This paranormal series is a MUST READ…. L.A. Banks has written over 42 novels and contributed to 23 novellas. She writes romance, women’s fictions, crime suspense thrillers and paranormal lore. Look for book #2 “Shadow Seekers” in 2011 – visit www.Neteru Find out more about L.A. Banks @