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Katherine Jean Pope loves writing novels and hates writing bios. Maybe she’s not even real.

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What is your e-reading device of choice?
Kindle. It's one of the old school e-ink kinds. It was so revolutionary for me. At the time, I was traveling and moving between countries and leaving behind a new book collection every time. All of a sudden, I could take my books with me. The case has a built-in light that runs off the same battery. I can't help it, I'm totally in love. Of course now you can read books from anywhere. My phone has books on it. But that kindle . . . it's still my absolute favorite thing to read on. Sorry, real books. I still love you. I'm basically in a polyamorous relationship with my Kindle and the occasional print book that floats in or out of my life. It'll never have that smell, though. That's probably why I can't commit.
Describe your desk
Whew, okay. At any given time there are no less than three different beverages in various states of freshness and drinkability. These may be coffee, water, or wine, depending on ... uh, factors. With an occasional guest star like coconut water. Everyone always laughs at the amount of post-it notes stuck on every conceivable surface, so go ahead and get that chuckle out of your system. The top left cubby is a combination of notebooks, post-it pads, and cat paraphernalia--brush, cat treats, cat nip. My buddy is old, but he's got needs. Middle cubby is misc electronic stuff--headphones, sd card, backup drives, zip drive, cords to stuff, and a Nintendo ds. After that it's yarn and taxes (who makes up these categories??) and on the far right it's my tablet and some blank envelopes. The surface of my desk is just my laptop, phone, too many drinks, and a lot of post-its. That's it. That's my desk.
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