Shadir Keene


Some like it hot, but I like it to sizzle when I write. If you like words that jump off the page and eat you, then you're my kind of reader. Be careful though, as I never write for those who are faint of heart or easily offended. So be warned, my stories contain very naughty words and even naughtier, horny, and wickedly wild characters.

My writing style can only be categorised as raw and rugged suburban sexual fantasy, so you won't find any glamorous damsels or handsome hunk heroes. What you will find, are ordinary wives, mothers, husbands and fathers, who like all of us, have secret desires, passions and wild sexual fantasies, which sometimes come true.

So if you're ready for a wet, wild and totally wicked reading adventure, my stories might be for you.

Come and join me in my no holds barred suburban fantasy world where all those deepest and most secret dreams, fantasies and desires, might just come true.

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