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Hello everyone, my name is Dawn and I have recently returned to writing after a break of many years due to nursing my husband and raising my family. I was widowed in late 2010 and have now the time to devote to writing to give my readers the experience I appreciate from books.

The Widowhood series of books is still being written with Widowhood 103 being the current project. There are many widows in the community who stumble along for the first few years of widowhood and the books are being produced in an effort to make the journey a little easier. I don't promise to have all the answers, but my widow friends and I are trying to give the benefit of our experience to assist others along the way. The books are written from our hearts and from the very emotional depths where widowhood has taken us. I hope that the buyers can benefit from the series. More are planned, Widowhood 101 and 102 are my personal emotional journey. 103 is about the healing of tears and 104 and 105 are the practical side of widowhood, budgeting on a lower income and raising a family with a widowed parent.

The Widowhood series of books is not just written for Widows and Widowers though, it can be read and understood by everyone and is often an idea to read something like this if you are close to someone who has been Widowed. It may give you a sense of the feelings many of us have on this journey and an understanding of what that journey entails during those weeks and months. I don't claim to know anyone else's journey, only my own, but there are so many similarities that the bereaved share and these are the things that I write about.

The poetry in Random Rhyme and Winter Memories is a collection of old and new poems and were written for both my own and the enjoyment of others. Poetry has been a passion in my life since I was a child and now that I have the time to write it is wonderful to be able to write for others share the words.

I currently live with my dog on a large and untidy block of land in rural Australia. I have a busy life with my family and volunteer work with New South Wales State Emergency Service. I spend many hours writing each day with my dog curled up beside me too.

I look forward to hearing from my readers and thank you for giving me the chance to play a part in your life's journey as you are playing a part in mine.

Regards Dawn

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