Acin Fals

Smashwords book reviews by Acin Fals

  • A Tale of Two Thieves on May 31, 2021
    (no rating)
    I should have looked in the Online Reader before choosing this book. The content warnings: graphic violence; sexual assault and harassment; anti-Black racism and violence; children in peril; references to early pregnancy loss, abortion, and infant death; social injustices. The story begins with a dog attacking a human who's trying to run away.
  • The Acid Test of Naia Mills on July 24, 2021

    I wouldn't have noticed the similarities with "Rumpelstiltskin" if the blurb hadn't mentioned it. This story is better than any version of the folktale I've read. There's action, aliens, a little mystery, a touch of romance, and a brave gold-spinner who thwarts both the police and the worst baddies to save not only the city seedy space city and the cute bird-guy in it, but also herself.
  • Out of Time on Jan. 09, 2022
    (no rating)
    This is a note for Kindle users: The .mobi file isn't formatted correctly, making the text of the story unreadable. Select another format if you can.