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I'm Cassie and my passion in life is reading. I love paranormal and the world of fiction! I have a book review blog that you can find on my profile. One day I hope to write a book of my own :)

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  • Being Human on Nov. 06, 2011

    In this truly original tell of vampires, society and the bonds of family, you will find everything you’re looking for in a great novel! Just as our narrator, Tommy, has a hard time understanding why humans do what they do, I’m having a hard time sorting out my emotions after reading Being Human. This is one of those stores that makes you step back and think. The main character that the story follows is so well written and truthful that I have a strong suspicion the author must have been turned into a vampire herself. Tommy went through so much confusion in his years spent learning how to be human again after forgetting everything he knew from his human life, and being left only instincts and one thought…Survive! As you watch him understand and grow you get a first row seat on the inner workings of what love really means and the power of family bonds. This story tugged on my heart strings when Tommy would do something sweet (even if he didn’t understand why) and made me laugh when he would try to understand the complexity of human emotions (which I don’t think even us humans understand). It’s so refreshing to read about a different kind of love and get a whole new take on the vampire’s genre. First person narrative is always one of my least favorite POV’s and runs the risk of being read like a little girl’s diary but Lynne did a wonderful job of keeping me interested and an even better job of making the story line flow. Even if you don’t like vampire stories I hope you will give this book a shot, and promise you won’t be let down!
  • The Curse Girl on Nov. 10, 2011

    In Beauty aka Bee’s town everyone knows the story about the mansion and the beast that lives inside. The stories vary but one this is the same….the beast is not someone you want to come in contact with! After Bee’s father tries to still some magic from the mansion he is forced to let Bee live there or their whole family will be cursed. Once inside the mansion everyone starts calling her “The curse girl” and she realizes she is part of a much bigger plan. Missing her family and friends, Bee tries to find a way out of the house and away from Will (The Beast) but the windows won’t break and the doors won’t open. She is now bound by magic and if she wants to break the curse, her and Will are going to have to work together. Will is handsome but a total jerk, only the more time they spend together the more Bee likes him. Also, the house isn’t all bad and Bee makes friends with Rose, Will’s sister and the servants. Now this isn’t just about her getting out, she’s emotionally involved and wants to save everyone from this curse that wasn’t even meant for them. Is it possible she’s falling for the Beast? Are they ever going to break the curse? This was an enjoyable short read, but I think I set myself up for disappointment. This book has received great reviews and had a beautiful cover so I was expecting something more than what I got. Naturally the story was pretty predictable because it is a re-do of “Beauty and the Beast,” which everyone already knows. I think I would have liked this better if I hadn’t heard of “Beastly” first, because that is a hard one to follow after. That being said, I did love the dialog between the characters. You could really see them changing and starting to like…then love one another. I also think the concept of the curse coming from a witch that is now in the “Fay Lands” rather interesting and would like to read more about that magical world. Beauty was very lovable and sweet and it was always easy to relate to her. A cute afternoon read for any YA lover.
  • Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy, #1) on Nov. 12, 2011

    Can this book be as wonderful and enchanting as its beautiful cover? Why yes, it most certainly can! :) We follow Camille as she tries to escape an abusive past and make a new life for herself in Louisiana, but she has no idea what she’s in for when she meets the handsome and charming Gavin. Not only does he look familiar but he has an other-worldly aura about him. As Camille gets to know Gavin and his best friend Gabe, she is introduced to a world she never thought existed. Camille is a woman after my own heart. She is emotional and damaged but at the same time she is incredibly smart and stronger than she realizes. I love a light and fun read as much as the next girl but Wade has the talent to introduce us to a new and mystical paranormal world while confronting important issues like physical and emotional abuse. This is a hard thing to do without making the book sound like a public service announcement, but the author managed to pull it off as well as give you a story every vampire lover is going to want to read! Filled with strong characters, fight scenes, humor and of course hunky vampires, this is one of my new favs! Mix in some revenge, an impulsive, love struck main character and a portal only open under the Crescent moon, and you are ready for Amaranth, a land of exile for Vampires who want to become human again. Once through Amaranth’s gates you can’t return to the human world and live under the rule of Samira, a ruthless witch turned vampire. When Gavin sets off to save the people of Amaranth and himself from his vampiric nature, Camille is convinced it’s a suicide mission and tries to save him. Along with a few friends, they must try to get out of Amaranth without dying first. I managed to read this book in one sitting. Not because it was short but because it was so good! I love the idea of Amaranth, giving vampires an out if they wish to become human again. I’ve heard some say this seems far fetched but come on, it’s magic! Anything can happen. One thing I loved most was Camille and the others reactions to situations. I found the emotions and dialog to be the way I would react in the same situation. I’ve read so many books where the characters would whine when they shouldn’t, be calm when I feel the situation is upsetting and altogether miss what seems like the big picture, but Wade seemed to really think out the characters and put herself in their shoes. Amaranth contains all the elements I look for in a great paranormal novel and I’m glad I came across it. I’m excited to read the next books in the trilogy and hope you choose to follow Camille and Gavin’s story!