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  • Winter Fae on June 25, 2013

    Winter Fae is an exhilarating and intriguing start to a breath-taking story that expertly and beautifully weaves the streampunk and fantasy genres into a unified story of love, magic, and the boundless power of the human spirit. Through Winter Fae we are given a powerful and heart-breaking glimpse into the background of this story, and the foundation that is laid before you is one that you will not soon forget. The characters are as beautiful and delicate as magic and yet very humanly familiar. They will touch your heart and leave a beautiful mark after they are gone from the stage of Winter Fae. However, those that depart from the main stage are never really forgotten. They live in the ones that go after them. Winter Fae set a very high bar for the rest of this story, and I was so pleased to see Amored Hearts meet and far exceed that bar for the continuation of this exquisitely masterful and deeply touching story. I am so excited to see what’s next for us!
  • Armored Hearts on July 05, 2013

    Armored Hearts by Melissa Turner Lee & Pauline Creeden is a brilliantly measured and perfectly blended mix of romance, sci-fi, and fantasy. I was swept away into a world across the ocean and dazzled by the amazing story that played out before my eyes. My hunger for an original storyline, imaginative twists and turns, and an edge-of-your-seat page turner was far exceeded in this beautiful masterpiece. The characters that I discovered within the pages of Armored Hearts are fun and thought-provoking. They truly captured my heart, and I was torn when the story ended. The main characters of this outstanding work of art are Gareth and Jessamine. While we come to know Gareth very well, we get to know Jessamine at the same time that Gareth does. It's so fun to see her through his eyes as she turns his world upside down. If that isn't enough to shake up his world, Gareth discovers a piece of his past that will never leave him the same again. The wonderful and mesmerizing themes that run through Armored Hearts will leave you contemplating them long after you have finished reading. This is a very uplifting yet challenging story. Your heart will soar above the clouds as battles are won and love is found, and your heart will plummet to its lowest depths when the journey is found to be just beginning and dangers lurk in hidden corners. If that isn't enough to pique your curiosity to read Armored Hearts, then you don't know what you are missing. Armored Hearts is a creative marvel that will leave you in awe as to the artful and precise brush strokes with which these artists have used to birth this spellbinding tale. I can't wait until I can join in on the next part of this amazing journey. I recommend this book to all readers who want something that will challenge their thinking, broaden their minds, and touch their hearts.
  • Scapemaker on Dec. 17, 2013

    Scapemaker is a beautifully compelling and wonderfully intricate story of discovering an unknown heritage and fighting to honor it with your whole heart. This is an adventure that will inspire and delight daydreamers and readers of fantasy alike. Come and escape down the rabbit hole as we enter a whole new world filled with surprises around every corner and untold dangers along the way. Do you have the courage and heart to forge this trail? Matthew who is just like every other guy except for the fact that he isn’t. He doesn’t know that he is different until it’s too late and his world is turned upside down. He loses his father the same day that he learns who he really is. With such an immediate disadvantage, he must play catch up and seek help from unlikely people in order to achieve his goal of saving his father. He uncovers precious truths and finds true friendship and more along this harsh yet rewarding journey. I was immediately taken in by Matthew’s honesty and passion in his fight to uncover the lies and mysteries surrounding the disappearance of his father. He knows he can’t do this on his own, so he seeks out help from a rag tag group of students that prove to be invaluable in helping him accomplish this insanely difficult task that he has taken upon himself. He pulls no punches with them, and doesn’t hold back with his true thoughts and intentions. Time and again his actions while good get him in trouble and his friends are always there to get him out if they can. The bonds of friendship that are forged prove true and lasting, and he becomes a better version of himself as a result. The world that is Scapemaker is amazing and captivating. There is no end to its beauty and its dangers. While it houses breathless beauty and intrigue, it also hides countless untold dangers. One cannot take anything for granted when in Scapemaker. Always keep your eyes and your mind open for what you miss may come back to haunt you. Steve Cypert has proven to be quite an intriguing creator of this highly entertaining tale. You won’t be sorry that you chose to read this story. In fact, you will devour it whole and then ask for more. It is sure to fuel and broaden your imagination as it entices your senses. You will get lost in this stunning new world as you get to know fun and passionate characters along the way.
  • Rumors (A Lingering Echoes Prequel) on Dec. 22, 2013

    Rumors is a raw and honest journey of learning how to deal with and overcome the grief of losing a loved one. Not only does this precious soul have to deal with unbearable grief, but she has heaped irrepressible guilt on top of it. This has resulted in a life lacking in its former freedom, joy, and hope that is slowly making her die from the inside out. This is a story that will break your heart and show you the importance or reaching out to those around us in need of comfort and a listening ear. Allie Collins is trying to go through the motions of making it through her senior year of high school with the burden of having her heart torn out at the death of her precious cousin. The void in her soul at this terrible loss has turned her into the shell of her former self. She has lost her ambition and her dreams are only fading memories. She doubts her heart, and she pushes her feelings so far away from her that she no longer knows how to feel anything more than soul-searing loss and guilt. Just as she finds someone she can open up to and begin to feel as if healing is within reach, she is dealt a devastating blow. I greatly admire Allie’s inner strength and will to live. Even though her doubts stifle her ability to love and her will to live a full and meaningful life, she still presses on and refuses to give up. She presses ever on to find a way to numb the pain and the ache that is ever present in her heart. In spite of her self-imposed punishment, Allie’s strength of character is unfailing in keeping her from completely succumbing to despair. She strives to find peace and a balance to her life because she knows she can’t live with this darkness. While hope seems elusive, she pushes ever forward to find a way to live and survive. While I was frustrated with the people in Allie’s life not making more of an effort to reach out and make a difference in her life, I have to resign myself to that fact that we are all human. No one truly knew the depth of her suffering save one, and he did all he could to reach out and help show her how to start healing her broken heart. This touching story should serve as a wake-up call to us to look beyond ourselves and to reach out to those who are hurting in silence. Erica Kiefer writes with such depth of heart and amazing talent that you will find that your will lose your heart along the way. You will find her words will flow from the pages and seep into the inner most recesses of your heart. They will touch you even when you think that nothing else can for you cannot stop the gentle force that the truth has.