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  • Parallel Worlds: Nothing is as it seems on Nov. 18, 2010

    "Parallel Worlds" is the masterful sequel to Heather's first book, "Children of Light," which can be savored as is or after partaking in the delightful first course of this powerful metaphysical feast! Written as fiction, it is presented in the enjoyable form of storytelling that draws the reader in quickly and envelopes them with information and states-of-being nearly everyone can identify with and relish. Hard to describe, but the book "feels" like it is written specifically for the person reading it, like a secret message from one's soul to one's mind and heart! There are layers upon layers here of important information to assist us all in making the upcoming shift to a higher frequency of existence, written under the guise of a very enjoyable adventure novel. This book deserves several immersions by the reader. Every visit uncovers more information that seems to be directly written for the individual open enough to embark upon such a discovery path! Not since "The Celestine Prophesy" has a book turned on so many internal switches in my BE-ing! I give it my highest recommendation!