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  • A Tiger's Leap on May 20, 2012

    I've had the pleasure of reading all of these AARs before, and now that there here, available to the public, I'm overwhelmed with the sense of how far these have pieces have come. It has been a pleasure to see all these works grow over time, and watch as more and more treachery unfolds. One of the best bits about this book is the variety. I loved journeying from the plains of Japan to middle-age Rome, and then getting launched back into the hey-day of the Roman Empire. Also, due to it being an anthology, the different writing technique of the original authors is amazing to see, and how they contrast really stands out. I must congratulate Steve, S├ębastien, Robin, Gilberto, James, and Mr McKean (of course that is not how I know them) for allowing their AARs to be published, writing them,and being the pioneers of the new type of AAR, the 'official' type of AAR. Of course a huge thanks also needs to go to Francis, who I've come to know over this process, for he is the one who has made our dreams a reality, the Shepard of our flock so to speak - thank-you mate, and I wish you success in this venture. I'll no doubt be in contact with most of you beforehand for a variety of reasons, and I'll enjoy to continue to read your works, now and in the future Good luck guys, and I'm looking forward to Volume 2 - the old AAR is dead, long live the AAR. Thank-you, Jack, a fellow AAR writer, and an avid fan of most of yours.