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  • Loving on Borrowed Time - Lovers Leap 1 on June 23, 2011

    Wow, what a difference between this book and the Sinners' books!! This is a quick read, but if you like a little bit of time travel and a whole lot of a hot guy trying to convince the love of his life to fall back in love with him, than this is for you! To save the woman he loves, Reece travels through time to find Laura Kensington. When he finds her, he uses an ancient Egyptian amulet to travel through time, avoiding the menacing Carl, assuming the identities of other people in whatever time period they end up. Reece Jericho, treasure hunter, has spent the past 8 months finding the one treasure he can't live without....Lara Kensington. Reece, for having a bad boy image (or so Lara says) wears his heart on his sleeve. You never doubt, through the entire story, just how much he loves Lara or what lengths he would go through to make sure they are never separated again. Lara doesn't know what to make of Reece when she finds him in her museum (of which she's the curator) after hours, but she finds him incredibly attractive. She doesn't take kindly to Reece telling her what to do, but according to him, she never has. As much as she doesn't like it, she finds herself drawn to Reece. What she fights with are her rapidly changing feelings for him, wondering if these are the feelings of the person she is currently possessing or truly what she feels for Reese. In the end, Reece fights for his woman (potentially to the death) and that forces Lara to acknowledge her true feelings for Reece. As the book ends, they are leaping to another time/place and their next adventure. Will Carl find them? What secrets does Reece have in his past? Those are all questions that will lead us to the next book.
  • Shoe Strings on Aug. 12, 2011

    Have you ever read a book blurb and thought "this could be cute" and then read it to find yourself even more pleasantly surprised? That's what happened when I read this book. It cute and sweet, with adorable characters that make you want to find Sequoyah Falls, NC and move on in. Angelita Barros finds herself ditching her planned Florida vacation after spying her estranged father in her high end shoe store talking to her partner. She does what any rational adult does and flees the area, making a spur of the moment reservation and a mountain cabin in North Carolina. When she makes it the the cabin, she find the area beautifully shielded in trees and wrapped by a river that would help her put things in perspective. What she didn't intend to find was a half naked man coming out of her rented cabin's bathroom. Jesse Bloodworth has spent the past three years righting the wrongs he'd done in the past. He was good friends with his ex-wife and he and his son had a solid relationship. He had a thriving business and a home he loved. He thought he had everything he'd ever wanted. But when he stepped out of that bathroom and spotted the lovely Angelita, he knew he had one last piece to his picture perfect puzzle to add. Jesse is damn adorable, in a rumpled shirts kind of way. He's so comfortable in his own skin that he has a way of making those around him feel the same way. Angelita was no exception. When she felt like her life was falling apart, she'd spend five minutes with Jesse and feel better. Sure, he infuriated the hell out of her, but she could resist his pull. And he couldn't resist hers. Jesse has been perfectly happy with the way things were in his life. But the minute he met Angelita, she changed his perspective on everything. He acted as if her choices of color and shoes annoyed him, but those were all things that drew him in. Despite her best effort to keep Jesse at arms length, he pushed to get what he wanted. In the end, it was that "I don't take no as an answer" attitude that helped him get what he wanted. The secondary romance of Bryce and Kerri Ann was sweet. Who doesn't want to think that they could end up with that childhood sweetheart they've always loved. I'm not usually a sugary person, but this truly was a sweet, enjoyable book. It's the perfect thing to read when you want something you know if going to make you feel so much better at the end. 3.75 Cocktails
  • The Charmed: Book One of a Trilogy on May 19, 2013

    Wow. Just… wow. This book was wonderful! From start to finish, it captured my attention and held me on the edge of my seat until the very end. It’s full of love, mystery, action, betrayal, heart break, excitement and a unique, yet familiar story line that’s sure to please any paranormal romance lover. The characters that the author has introduced in Olivia and Caleb are incredibly likeable with a chemistry that is absolutely undeniable. Olivia’s cultured and innocent demeanor compliments that of Caleb’s chivalrous and protective personality. And when the two of them are together, it just works. This story is a fantastic start to what promises to be a great series. 
 Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books
  • The Charmed Souls: Book Two of a Trilogy on May 19, 2013

    Picking up where the first book in The Charmed Trilogy left off, this intense story continues with a fierce and rapid pace. The heart ache of leaving Caleb behind, Olivia takes off for defense training against the supernatural creatures that are out to harm her. From the very beginning, her sorrow of leaving behind the man she loves is painstakingly felt, as she pours all of herself in to making herself stronger against her enemies. But when secrets are discovered, Olivia finds herself in a fight for her own life and for Caleb. With even more mystery and action, this second book in the series is brilliantly written, leaving readers eager for what’s in store next! Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books
  • The Charmed Fates: Book Three of a Trilogy on May 19, 2013

    The third and final book of this wonderful series finds Olivia and Caleb enjoying their life together. But just when they think they finally have the chance to settle down, a blast from the past comes blowing in to shake things up between the two love birds. Add to that the vampires who still wish to possess Olivia, and the bounds of their relationship are intensely tested. With some great plot twists, even steamier sex, and FINALLY a happily ever after that will leave you satisfied beyond belief, this amazingly written and creative trilogy is a fantastic addition to the paranormal romance genre.
 Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books