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  • Completely Whole on July 21, 2012

    Do you feel as though there is something standing in your way of becoming all you were created to be? Is there something missing in your life, something that you just can't figure out, that is preventing you from feeling completely whole? Paulette Harper has some words for you then. In her latest book, Completely Whole, Harper uses Biblical teaching combined with real world experience to show women how to reach their potential and live wholly through Christ. Each chapter presents a way of looking at your life, learning more about yourself, and how to maximize your potential so that you are walking straight on the path of God. And as we strive for this wholeness in Christ the puzzle pieces of our lives will fall into place. I like how this book reads as a blueprint. It's not a read in one sitting book nor is it a read in bits and pieces book. It's structured so you take one chapter at a time and are really able to meditate on what each chapter means for where you are in life. You can take as long as you need with each chapter and each one ends with a prayer and words of affirmation to really complete what you have just learned about yourself. This book is for every woman, no matter what your place in life whether you feel completely broken down or are looking for affirmation of your place in this world. Harper draws on a variety of subjects affecting women today. Right from the first chapter, I could see why this book is so important in my own life. I certainly could have used it a couple of years ago when I was battling anxiety and depression. The words that Paulette shares are the same words I share now about my circumstances, about listening to what God was trying to tell me in that time and finding my way out of it. This book asks you to examine your own life. Often we have things going on that we are afraid to confront or admit are there. This book shows you that it's okay to have those feelings but when we do address them, healing will take place. There are tons of Biblical examples and principles in the book to support her words and to give the reader hope. This isn't a "do XYZ and you'll be free" type of book. Instead it supports and encourages you as you journey toward a more fulfilled life, a life that can only be led by Jesus Christ.