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As a young man, I felt the need to help people and “healing” was the profession I wanted to be in most of all.

Fortunately, I was healthy and strong and was able to help my father in his factory, whenever possible, to make some money, allowing me to study physiotherapy.

I played a lot of sport, especially hockey, soccer, tennis and later squash, the latter two almost all my life.

In 1952, I came to Australia with my father, mother and 4 brothers. When I arrived, I could not be registered in my profession, as the government of the day, would not recognise my degree. The same happened to a lot of other professionals

This made life a little harder, because I had to find other work. It did not take too long, as after two weeks I found work in a factory, as a process worker. This was good, as I started to earn money and it gave me time to look for other, more stimulating work.

Indeed, soon I found the work I was hoping for and it was in a gymnasium, doing massage work on injured sportsmen and women. I remember that Mondays were always busy days, after a weekend of sport all around Sydney.

During free time, I played squash upstairs, on the first squash courts in the city. During slack times in the massage section, I was involved in teaching physical culture and weight reduction classes, some self defence and wrestling.

During this time, I started to study other modalities of the natural healing kind, such as iridology, biochemistry, naturopathy and touch for health.

On one of my overseas trips, in 1970, I met a very interesting man during a flight from New York to San Francisco. As he was my travelling companion on the aircraft, we naturally talked about a lot of things.

His name was Mr. Aubrey Pescud, Osteopath and Herbalist from Lismore NSW Australia.

I was almost ready to work as a “healer” and make the above studies my profession and then to meet this amazing man, was almost too much.

We may say: “What a coincidence”. Personally I don’t believe in coincidences and I rather think of it as “synchronicity”. Anyway, you can imagine, what the subject of our conversation was about for the rest of the journey. The discussions did not stop there. When I got to the hotel in the city, guess who turned up just after me? Yes, it was him again. He invited me to his room, where we talked for hours together. In the end he asked me to come and see him, as soon as I got back to Australia.

As soon as I arrived back home, I went to see him immediately, because he wanted to discuss his patients and offer me his clientele.

As I am writing this story, I still get a buzz, as it was such an event, one that we only experience once in a life time: “The opportunity that knocked.”

I made some very in-depth enquiries about this man, as the stories he told me were so amazing and almost unbelievable. I wanted to be sure, that he was the health professional he said he was and that the cures he talked about were genuinely true.

My mother’s physician in Sydney had heard about him and that was 800 kilometres away from Lismore.

In Lismore itself, everybody was talking about him and the people were all raving about his treatments and the results he achieved.

His patients came from far and wide and they did not mind travelling over hundreds of kilometres, because the results of his treatments were well worth it. When I heard this good news, I was getting even more excited and I knew this was the man I wanted to follow.

I thought:”He can teach me so much and eventually I can take over his patients as well, together with him backing me up, in the same town....I cannot lose. What a future lies ahead of me, being able to support my family well”.

Mr. Pescud and I discussed an apprenticeship type of arrangement and I went to work with him immediately. I did the work and he supervised. Once the word got out, that his clinic was open again, full time, the waiting room was never empty.

During the next year and a half, he taught me HIS special way of treating various ailments, which were varied indeed. In 1972, I went out on my own and opened my practice in East Ballina NSW as the:

Jos T. Linsen Osteopathic and Naturopathic clinic.

As you can see here, I was very proud of this name; my own business.

It was not very difficult to get started on my own, as Mr. Pescud had now retired properly and did not do any work at all. He was 84 years of age and rather than giving treatments, he came to be treated. Both he and his wife came regularly to be checked over and have massages, which kept them supple and mobile. During these visits, we often discussed patients’ problems and it was good to have him there at times to ask questions and get answers.

The best thing he taught me and has always stood out as good advice was, that every person in the world is different from the next one and this should always be considered during the evaluation and treatment of a patient. We must treat each person as an INDIVIDUAL and not just as another patient with a complaint, similar to the one in “the book”, or a previous patient with a similar complaint. The book we learn from, can only give us guidelines, as to which general direction we should go, but each case should be considered with his/hers specific problem(s). The differences between all of us are very varied and these variations can affect the treatment or medicines a person needs. One person may be acidic, another alkaline another neutral, so for these instances alone, we must find different treatments.

One cannot treat a person over the phone either. Unfortunately, this is done at times, but unless we have the patient in front of us, giving us all the clues for diagnosis, a correct treatment cannot take place. We, as practitioners must not rely on the patient’s diagnosis. Usually the patient can only tell you where it hurts or something very superficial.

It was good for me to have had such a man as a teacher. Learning is one thing, but to gain a lifetime of experience in just a few years was an absolute winner. All students of Osteopathy and Chiropractic as in my particular field, who qualify today, should all have to spend some considerable time, with a qualified practising person, before they can go into business on their own. We can learn so much from experience. A lot of professionals have apprenticeships and the reason for that is very sound.

In one of my study books I found the following saying:

"Learning comes from experience gained,

Through actual contact with the patient,

Rather than from text books, which deal with generalities.

One may become well trained,

Without being truly educated."

Freyette DO.

Even after all the time I spent with Mr. Pescud, it is amazing what I have learned since. I will enlighten you with some actual case histories in the beginning of this book, to show you what can be achieved. These cases have been part of my 48 years in business and show you , what I have been confronted with. Naturally I cannot disclose any names, but I am sure that all these patients I am writing about, would be only too happy to confirm, what you are about to read. I hope that you too will be as thrilled as I was and still am, that I was able to help cure them and give them a life again.

Later on in this publication, I write about the “prevention of diseases” and a number of interesting aids you can use, to help you enjoy a happy and healthy life and I discuss a few controversial topics.

The main thing though, is THE PREVENTION of diseases, which I will attack with vigour, because I believe we should never get sick, so we should never have to be treated for diseases, except for accidental problems, such as broken bones after a fall or whatever. It is not going to be easy for you to change your lifestyle, as we are all caught up in this society, which is brainwashing us to believe certain things, which are not true, but if you love yourself and your family, you would do anything to keep yourself and them healthy and happy for many years to come.

Start at the beginning and you will be thrilled with the results I have achieved.

I am proud of the fact that I have been able to help these patients. I will on quite a few occasions repeat myself, but that is done on purpose. It is a well known fact that, when we attend lectures or read things, we only take in only a small portion of the subject matter. So to be told a few times will not hurt you. I hope you will get a real benefit from the following pages. I am not a writer by profession and this is my first book ever, so please bear with me and forgive me for not always writing things down exactly the way they should have been. It is like my accent, which I have never really been able to shed. Love and peace, Shanti

PS, but not an afterthought; I always thank The Divine Creator for leading me in this direction and making me proficient in helping to heal people from their ills.

Even though I had no real professional qualifications in Osteopathy and Chiropractic, HE found the people, who taught me everything I needed to know, with love,.

There were many times, when I thought I could not help a patient, but divine intervention pulled me through and the end results were positive.

I also want to thank my partner Kaye, who has been so great in finding things for me on the internet, as I had no time to research there and also, because I was and still am quite computer illiterate. Without her, this book would not have been possible in the form you have here in front of you.

I also want to thank my daughter Sarah, for her assistance with the photos in the back of the book. I started to draw pictures, but they did not look right.

I realised years ago, that we should prevent diseases, then we would not have to be cured, so here is your chance to do just that and with all the knowledge I have gathered over 48 years and all the research we have done over the last fifteen years, your chances are absolutely real.

Another thing I realised is that we as professionals are called “healers”, but as I will discuss later on, we really are the directors and the patients are the healers. Even though I may call myself a healer at times, it is really an expression, rather than a fact.

It took me a long time to find a title for this book and I think this one “Victory over diseases” is well suited.

Please move on now and enjoy!

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This book covers all aspects of life, be it physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, psychological or sexual. Shanti set out to be a practitioner in natural healing from a very young age. He worked as an Osteopath and Chiropractor since 1972 in Ballina, NSW. Shanti realised that if we look after ourselves and use preventative measures, this is the key to good health.

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