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  • Timeless Search - The Adventures Of Janr Ssor on Oct. 10, 2011

    If you want to experience an alternate reality, get ready for a wild ride. Get a taste of what our existence might be like in the afterlife when our minds are set free from our bodies. The storytelling style is beautifully descriptive and incredibly vivid. You'll feel as if you are out in the universe experiencing the cosmos from a magical place. Timeless Search puts a really cool spin on the creation of the universe, the creation of mankind, Atlantis, religion (both Jewish and Christian), the nature of God and the nature of man. It takes the concept of the Vulcan mind-meld to a whole new level. Our minds are truly so much more powerful than we puny humans are aware of. Experience the power of the collective consciousness to change the future. It takes our diversity and differences joining together to save the world. Nice touch. I loved the blending of fact with fiction, and I loved the twist at the end. Just when you thought the world was saved... I'd give it a 10 for storyline, a 10 for its vivid descriptions, a 10 for concept, and a 10 for the ending. The only flaw I found was in the editing (formatting, punctuation, tenses, etc.) and the switching back and forth from first to third person which was somewhat confusing in the earlier segments. Ignore the technicalities and you'll love this book!
  • Not Kid's Games - The Adventures Of Janr Ssor on Jan. 18, 2012

    Mix today's political issues with aliens, magic mushrooms, nukes, EMP pulses, ESP, the end of the world, and in the middle of it the character known only as Q. The end result is the story "Not Kids Games." I actually laughed out loud in a few places at the tidbits of humor interspersed with a very serious subject. I like this author's views on the power of the mind. I am a big believer that our minds are more powerful than we are aware of, and that we simply are not taught how to tap into the great reservoire that exists within us. I do agree with Janr that our world may be on the precipice of disaster and that we should be more aware of what's going on around us. Good job, Janr, on a story well told!