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I could probably write this section in 20 different ways so, I’ll try to make it somewhat connected to the book but don’t take it too seriously :)

Coming from a religious background I learned early on not to take my freedom for granted. I’ve been spat on, thrown stones at and nearly lynched by ultra-orthodox Jews on a few occasions in my former hometown of Jerusalem. Currently I’m looking for a new place to settle down in…

I’ve been practicing martial arts for most of my life and I’m trying to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained (

I somehow completed a bachelor’s degree in Physics

I was somehow a police woman for two years, working for the forensic department, investigating violent crimes.

I’ve been writing Sci – Fi stories since high school and living in my own imaginary world since forever.

I’ve never believed in monogamy and don’t practice it (not really sure what I do believe in)

I started blogging in university as well as writing for the university newspaper. My biggest scoop (with another great blogger) was uncovering corruption in the Jerusalem election campaign. The former mayor, an ultra-orthodox Jew, hired a campaign manager who was coercing workers, using family members and inventing people to put in ads claiming the secular populations supports the religious mayor. Also got dressed up as an ultra-orthodox boy and got into an all men’s club along with loads of other strange anthropological experiences. What can I say “Do one thing every day that scares you” is the closest thing I have to a daily prayer.

Me and a friend invented a real life clue game

I’m openly bi-sexual, pansexual or whatever none hetro-sextual label you want to put on me.

I love climbing

Following the first slut-walk in Jerusalm, I helped organize,(calling to stop blaming survivors of sexual assaults and harassments for their assault), I wrote a long piece about why I’m proud to be called a slut… Well behaved women seldom make history :)

A part of me feels sick from the amount of I’s on this page.

Smashwords Interview

How do you deal with having to write narcissistic boring bullshit in order to promote your book?
Not very well. But here I am doing my best, naked, in bed, trying to amuse myself...
Why should anyone spend their time reading your book?
Time is meant to be wasted! Besides if you're interested in quantum physics, religion, open relationships, martial arts, sociology or the human brain you will probably learn something new. There is a whole lot of research that went into this book and there are interactive links inside the book for anyone who wants to learn more.
Plus it’s FREE :)
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Zero Point Energy
You set the price! Words: 80,460. Language: English. Published: August 14, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Hard sci-fi, Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias
Paradoxes Exist! And some people can resonate with them... Quantum physics, absurdist philosophy, meme theory, cutting edge brain research, religion and open relationships combine to make this sci fi novel one of the most researched fiction stories out there. Interactive links throughout the book are sure to pull readers deep into the mysteries of the universe while turning the pages...

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