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In between bouts of writing, Chris Northern does other things. He says he has no hobbies of his own, but is more than happy to go do things that other people enjoy. Exploring caves, wondering around castles and hiking are just a few examples. Swimming is pretty much out, though. No gills, no swimming. Boats are okay, just so long as they work. He does not get seasick. Or airsick.

Chris Northern lives wherever he happens to be and will move at the drop of a hat. Any hat. To anywhere. Though if it is cold he will likely not stay long. Just long enough to drive a 4X4 over a glacier, maybe.

He is often to be found eying the horizon; shortly thereafter, he is often found to be gone.

Chris Northern writes Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Concealed Kingdoms (Fantasy)

The King's Ward
The Heir Reluctant

The Price of Freedom (quartet of fantasy novels)

The Last King's Amulet
The Key To The Grave
The Invisible Hand
All The King's Bastards

Dancing with Darwin (A collection of related Science Fiction stories)Also Available Individually

Rapture Ready
Headed Home
Evolving Environment
Dangerous Delusions

Young Adult SF

Loser´s Flight

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  • January Moon on Nov. 15, 2010

    January Moon is an ambitious exploration of the ways in which religious fundamentalism is used as a screen for irrationality of all kinds. Using female mutilation as its underlying theme, it gathers a diverse range of characters into a page-turning thriller; along the way it also deals, among other things, with competition between crime prevention agencies and race relations. No-one is perfect; moral dilemmas abound. The family scenes are particularly well-drawn; an island of normality in a sea of madness (not forgetting the dog). A rollercoaster of a read! - Chris Northern (Author of The Last King's Amulet & The Key To The Grave)
  • Ice Cracker II on Feb. 01, 2011

    I was instantly charmed by writing of style and grace, a world of promised depth and complexity, and an engaging and delightful protagonist. This story is handled with a great deal of skill and the calm confidence of a writer born. I very much look forward to having the following prediction proven by events; Lindsay Buroker will be a No.1 bestselling author. Chris Northern: responsible for The Last King's Amulet & The Key To The Grave