Shaun Charles


Shaun Charles is an Australian playwright and director.


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Smashwords book reviews by Shaun Charles

  • After the Roman Cemetery on Jan. 23, 2013

    There's something deeply satisfying about browsing the Smashwords bookstore. Trawling through all of the days releases (and there's some mad, freaky stuff out there) you occasionally stumble upon something unexpected and quite startling. V West's "After the Roman Cemetery" is just that. Coming in at just over five thousand words it's not a novel, nor is it a short story. By the author's own admission it's a revised diary entry some twenty years old. After high school the author headed to Europe and for a time worked as a nanny for a couple of archaeologists. Accompanying them on a working trip to Syria they spend a day off sightseeing and picnicking at a swimming hole at an oasis. What happens next is unexpected and shocking and ultimately quite moving. The writing is straight forward and honest. V West, in reflecting on something deeply personal, has written a story for us all. It's about those complex moments in life that stay with us, moments that we return to as we try, vainly for the most part, to seek meaning. Take ten minutes out of your day and have a read.