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  • A Story About You on April 30, 2012

    This story was one of the best worst things that could have happened to me as an undergrad. I was content with just "doing college" and only daydreaming about what could be mine one day, if/when I eventually had the time... After hearing this story as a naive 23 year old, I was no longer content or comfortable with that. I couldn't bear the thought that THIS was already my second chance! I couldn't live THIS life with any regret like possibly had the first time around. No way. Potential readers be warned: you will live a much more dangerous life, I believe, after reading this. No more what ifs, you just do it! This story played a huge part in my deciding to quit my stable job over a year ago and start up my own company. I was terrified, but I just did it. There are no more what ifs, I just did it and I couldn't be happier with the decision! One of the best decisions of my life!!! Thank you Darren! You ARE one of my life's biggest inspirations!!! I have never looked at the world the same since knowing you. I was a little traumatized by your *cat* story the first time I heard it. But I had to let you know, now my mice just keep getting bigger, and faster and smarter... And I absolutely love it.