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Embracing a passion for reading, Shawn Weaver has spent a lifetime with the written word. After his father handed Shawn, his first novel at the young age of eight. He found the magical worlds that existed within those pages. From that moment on, no book escaped his grasp.
Growing older, Shawn’s collection of novels and comics grew to a library state. And with that, he found the joy of putting his thoughts to writing. A new life began. Words turned from just being a hobby, to a way of life. With a love for the fantasy genre, and role playing games, Shawn had created the world of Zenna.
A world unto its own filled with mystical creatures, magic, and passion. Giving the reader endless possibilities of adventure, as the world they find themselves immersed in comes to grasp with the eventuality of war. The Tides of War series gives a glimpse into the lives of those cast into the struggle of the approaching war, a war that no man or beast is free from, and no country will be untouched in some way.
Shawn lives with his wife, Rebecca, in a cozy hundred and nine year old house in Beloit, Wisconsin. Two daughters, Amanda and Rhe’Anna, and three grand children, Brooklyn, Nathaniel and Dominic, give him the inspiration to create more works of fantasy.
Currently Shawn is working on his next novel for the Tides of War series entitled: The Dark Caravan. For more information on Dragon’s Chest and upcoming works, please go to:

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Smashwords book reviews by Shawn Weaver

  • T'on Ma on Nov. 17, 2010

    I am very impressed by Magnolia Belle’s way with the written word. She weaves a story that is complex. But yet is compelling to the reader in such a simple way. She touches the reader’s heart by giving life like characters and a storyline that crosses the line in a time when the wild frontier was new and every day was a struggle to survive. The story revolves around Lana Cooper, a young girl in the wilds of Texas. Who finds herself smitten by a young Kiowa warrior. You will certainly find yourself enthralled as you follow her struggle to come to terms with her heart. Though her mind tells her to conform to the wishes of her parents, and to marry a solider in the U.S. army. Once you read this novel. You will want to pick up more of Magnolia’s work. I for sure am looking forward to her next installment in this series that is sure to be a hit. Shawn Weaver – Author, Dragon’s Chest
  • A Raven's Quest on Jan. 31, 2011

    A Raven's Quest is a quick romp through the mind of Justin Camp. Readers can immediately see his love for westerns and his passion for the unusual. As he takes you on a venture that has striking sparks of Steven King. All readers will enjoy this novella, and will want more from this up can coming author. Shawn Weaver - author Sense of Honor
  • Lady Gwendolyn on July 01, 2013

    Great action, massive adventure, and attention to detail, are only a few of the great things you will find in Magnolia Belle’s work. She tells a story second to none, and always leaves you wanting more. Lady Gwendolyn is no exception. Once you open the book you are transported back in time. You can feel every sweep of the sword, every ounce of passion, and grief, that her characters go through. You will not be disappointed once you purchase this novel.
  • The Soul of Stones on Nov. 04, 2013

    Soul of Stones by C.J. Sellers is not your average haunted house story. The entire valley of Ffynnon Gwynnedd, North Carolina, is haunted by the past events that had ravaged the area. It takes a twisted mind to put to paper a story that is compelling, and yet horrifying at the same time. Not so much horror in the blood and gore sense that makes one cringe in fear. But the mystery of what could happen next. I found myself enjoying this book very much and wondering just how C.J.’s characters were going to survive as they tried to film a movie in a location shrouded in mystery. The souls of the dead are imbedded in the land, and the people living around the valley do not want those souls to be released in anyway. Take a shot at reading this. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.