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My name is Shay and I am an aspiring writer. I suppose I could say author now that I’ve self-published my first real book, The Tree House. I’ve been into writing all my life. Sure, I’ve delved into other things, music, dance, some sports, but at the end of the day I always come back to writing.

God has really blessed me in my life. I have an amazing family. A set of parents who shaped me into the person I have become and a couple siblings who helped shape me, I supposed more with physical force , and who have also always been supportive in whatever I wanted to do. Then almost three years ago, I married my best friend and love of my life who continues to encourage me every step of the way. I mean he made a trailer for my book for crying out loud. How much more encouraging could ya get?

Besides being a writer, I’m just a girl. A wife, a proud puggle-owner, and a Seattle-ite. And I would love to meet you

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