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I was severely dyslexic when I was a little girl, and was in a special 3 kid reading class at every recess. I worked with the same special ed teacher, the entire time I was in public school, from kindergarten until fourth grade, when I was kicked out. (I was a handful as a kid, and had some behavioral issues as well from being ADHD). This teacher, who will forever have a special place in my heart, actually transferred to the private school I was then enrolled into, and she continued to work with me until I graduated from that school at the end of 8th grade. Because of her hard work and endless patience, by the time I was in 7th grade, I was reading at an advanced college level. I am a certified speed reader and literally, I find that there are not enough hours in the day for me to read. I LOVE IT! I meet other people who do not read at all, and I truly cannot comprehend a life not filled with books. I guess, for me, it's something that was for so long so unattainable, and the cause of so much grief and misery due to the taunts and cruelty of fellow classmates, that now, I revel in the fact that I can finish a novel in one sitting, and retain everything I've read. Please don't take this as egotistical though, because I will tell you that if you ask me to do simple algebra, I will go cross eyed with confusion. Guess I should have stayed with the math tutor longer than 3 months, huh?

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  • Zombies! Episode 2: Abby's Bad Day on Feb. 28, 2011

    I am in love with this series! I read book one, bought book two, and now I am buying book three. I love the way the author split them up, because it makes me feel like I'm following the story as the authors writing it, almost as if it's happening now! My only wish is that book two was longer, but that's just because I appreciate this authors writing style and creativity, and would love for the books to go on and on. In the past I've been so let down by books written by people who seem to have no understanding of the English language; books so filled with misspellings and jumbled sentences that I often find myself wondering what in the world the sentence even means.... But, again, this is not one of those books. The author actually put effort in, and must have had someone edit it. Thank you for this awesome series! I can't wait to read the rest!
  • Zombies! Episode 3: Love Bites on Feb. 28, 2011

    I just purchased this book, and I wanted to a write a review of the first 20% percent that was free. I am already pulled in by this book, just like the two before it and I can't wait to finish it! This is a fabulous Zombie series. For those, like me, who are obsessed with Zombie writing, you will find this is a totally new take on a Zombie outbreak. I greatly appreciate this authors mix of funny, with horror, and the continuation of the day to day. I have easily read over fifty Zombie books where the world is upside down within 48 hours, and this new outlook on an unforeseen plague is refreshing to say the least! I will review more when I finish it, but already 5 stars!
  • Zombies! Episode 3: Love Bites on March 01, 2011

    Just finished reading this! All I can say is, again, it's awesome! There were some fabulous twists in this installment that I was not expecting. Going to purchase #4 now and I can't wait to start it! I could seriously just keep reading and reading this series!
  • Zombies! Episode 4: The Sick and the Dead on March 10, 2011

    I really, really wish I could leave more than 5 stars! This installment was great! It is amazing to me that as the author puts out each new piece of the book, it flows together flawlessly! Wonderful! Terrific!
  • Zombies! Episode 5: Sinners and Saints on March 10, 2011

    Hands down, the best yet! Absolutely fabulous! I just 'ate' this book up! (Pun intended!) I have always been a Zombie fan, and out of all the many, many, many book and novels and series I have read about them, this is absolutely the best, most thought provoking and thorough of them all. I actually feel as if I am living in this story, and I believe that even some of the greatest writers in history can't make a reader feel that way. There is a difference between a great story, and a great storyteller, and this author has / is both! Bravo!
  • Zombies! Episode 6: Barriers Collapse on March 10, 2011

    I bought part 6 and absolutely could not stop reading until I was finished! I knew I had to immediately log in and write a review. As I read each new part of this series, I've been waiting or maybe expecting the author to become rushed in the writing, or possibly complacent and for the plot to fall flat, but let me tell you, as time goes on, this story just gets better and better! I'm not kidding, I truly believe that if this author just kept going with these installments and made hundreds of them, I would read every single one! I am in awe of how each character, each situation, every single action packed, horrifying, loving, sad, crazy, or just plain 'wow' moment that is described in this story leaves me breathless! I am literally waiting on the edge of my seat for the next part of this story! It can't come soon enough!!!